AIT's High-Tech Services Deliver Seamless, Secure Technology Logistics

Discover a global network of technology supply chain professionals

Whether you’re moving high-volume consumer electronics or high-value data racks, you can count on AIT's more than 40 years of technology logistics experience and global network of professionals and resources to get your freight from point A to B—on time, fully intact, and at cost-effective rates.

Choose from a range of standard to premium technology logistics options

Our high-tech services experts all over the world can build you a technology supply chain plan that includes ground, air, ocean or intermodal freight forwarding options, from flight consolidations to block space agreements, expedited shipments, full-truckload and less-than-truckload shipments, next-day air deliveries, charters and beyond.

Extensive technology supply chain experience you can count on

From supporting the cloud via parts and raw materials shipping to populated server rack transport to helping our customers import and export consumer electronics, AIT has the high-tech services know-how, network and broad resources you need for a painless, efficient freight experience—every time.

And there’s no one-size-fits-all technology supply chain program at AIT. We’ll always tailor your technology logistics solution to you, listening closely to your requirements to meet your businesses specific needs.

Painless onboarding
We know your shipping data is critical. That’s why AIT is renowned in the industry for our smooth, systematic customer onboarding and data integration. Trust our in-house IT experts to partner with your team to quickly set up invoicing, billing and more.

Enhanced data integration, supply chain visibility
From our ultra-accurate, all-digital document exchange to our supply chain business intelligence portal, AIT developed our best-in-class transportation technology solutions to take the complexity out of logistics technology, provide real-time shipment oversight and ensure your freight always arrives safely and efficiently. Learn more about our supply chain transportation technologies.

Dedication to quality, security
AIT’s comprehensive approach to quality in our high-tech services, and all our focus industries, emphasizes standardization, documentation and constant monitoring. Our methodology ensures compliance and enables continuous improvement. And you can rest assured that our security capabilities and qualifications are industry leading.

Take your technology supply chain to the next level

With AIT’s experienced transportation logistics professionals on your side, you can rest assured your cargo will get where they need to go, safe, on time and at a reasonable price. To learn more about our high-tech services or get started on your tailored technology logistics plan today, contact an AIT representative.

AIT Worldwide Logistics has a robust global logistics network, with more than 85 offices worldwide.

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