Ground Distribution

Grow Faster with Flexible Ground Shipping

Partner with ground freight services experts for long-term ground distribution success

In 2020 alone, trucks in the United States carried more than 10 billion tons of goods, underlining the fact that effective ground distribution is a major component of continued growth for most organizations.

Read on to learn if ground shipping is right for your needs and, if so, how AIT will not only infuse your supply chain with adaptable distribution solutions but also offer gateway connections for international shipping via our global network.

For years, factors like cost-effectiveness and convenience have made trucking the transit method of choice for shipments traveling less than 750 miles. And as fast delivery becomes a universal expectation, scalable ground distribution services are a necessity.
Ground freight takes a variety of forms, including perishables, routine shipments and final-mile deliveries. Whether you're delivering raw goods, manufactured products or anything in between, reliable ground shipping services serve as an engine that powers your business.
AIT provides our clients with cost-effective and adaptable options for all surface transportation needs, from standard truckload shipments, middle mile logistics to high-touch, final-mile deliveries.

We pair your domestic and cross-border ground freight with the best transportation solutions to meet your needs, including:
  • Truckload shipping
  • Dry-van trucking
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Refrigerated units
  • Less than truckload
  • Expedited ground service
  • Three-to-five-day deferred shipping
  • Hot-shot trucking
  • Service on weekends and holidays
Our in-depth logistics knowledge and resources enable us to support shipments in any vertical, including cold chain or government cargo with stringent requirements.

Shipments for any industry benefit from AIT's wide-ranging, U.S. cartage footprint and subject matter expertise. In addition, our strong agent relationships enable us to extend fast, secure transport beyond high-traffic metro areas.

For more details, explore your ground shipment vehicle and distribution timing options.
Our ground distribution services include weekend linehaul services, along with daily and mid-week lane segments to cartage cities across the United States.
Wherever your shipment is heading, AIT's logistics experience adds reliability and security. With the company-wide logistics knowledge to handle transborder deliveries, warehouse management and more, we provide end-to-end distribution services, including: