Middle Mile Logistics

Increase shipment security, cost-efficiency with innovative middle mile logistics 

Partner with AIT's middle mile delivery experts for faster, safer, more economical middle mile logistics shipments

AIT’s strategic evolution of middle mile delivery transforms middle mile logistics by offering speedier, more secure, and cost-efficient solutions versus traditional, expedited less-than-truckload services.

And our Middle Mile Network delivers added flexibility and scalability to meet your organization’s unique needs.

  • Connect swiftly to major U.S. metro areas through our advanced middle mile logistics network
  • More than 160 weekly lanes dedicated to middle mile transportation, ensuring timely deliveries
  • Drastically reduced dwell times

Read on to learn about how our experienced team can help your business grow with proven middle mile transportation solutions. 

Our middle mile transportation solutions are perfect for heavy, dense freight across diverse sectors, including automotive parts, healthcare equipment, industrial machinery components, technology hardware like server racks, and much more.
AIT’s Middle Mile Network advantage includes:

Optimized Speed and Precision
  • Drastically reduced dwell times with our optimized middle mile logistics processes
  • Your shipments arrive one to two days faster compared traditional expedited LTL with our efficient middle mile delivery service
Industry-Leading Reliability
  • Enjoy greater reliability with a 98.7% on-time performance record in middle mile delivery
  • Direct handling means fewer touches and less damage risk with our middle mile delivery services
Transparent and Measurable Results
  • Experience a new level of transparency with measurable middle mile delivery performance metrics down to the shipment level
  • Cutting-edge technology continuously refines our middle mile transportation efficiency
Customized Solutions
  • AIT’s middle mile logistics adapt to your demand with unparalleled flexibility
  • Our middle mile transportation is perfect for dense freight across diverse sectors
Seamless Middle Mile Logistics from Start to Finish

Expect a consistently high standard of service with our internally controlled Middle Mile Network.

We anticipate and resolve challenges before they become obstacles, ensuring your middle mile delivery is smooth and uninterrupted.

Our growing network is set to redefine middle mile delivery across North America.
In the near future, AIT plans to extend the Middle Mile Network into Canada and Mexico to better support cross-border demand from customers who are increasingly relying on nearshoring as part of their sourcing strategy.

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