Meet Tough Delivery Demands with Full Truckload (FTL) Shipping

Speed up transit time with secure, full truckload shipments managed by leading FTL freight industry experts

What is FTL freight?

When your cargo occupies an entire truck, you need solutions that adapt to your cargo and distribution requirements. Full truckload (FTL) is an efficient shipping method, delivering trailer loads of freight directly to your destination.

While full truckload works well with many types of cargo, it's a popular choice for shippers moving expensive, perishable or otherwise sensitive goods (think electronics, food, flowers or medicine).

That's because with FTL you minimize disruptions, handling and transit time, as you're not coordinating with other shippers and/or consolidation hubs like you would with a less-than-truckload (LTL) option.

As mentioned above, one of FTL shipping's greatest benefits is faster transit times, in addition to less reduced risk of shipment damage and even lower rates in some situations.

FTL shipping also streamlines the distribution process, especially compared to less than truckload shipping, which is a more time-consuming option combining multiple shipments in one trailer.

Backed by more than four decades of shipping experience, our logistics team crafts flexible truckload plans that accommodate the unique needs of our customers' FTL freight. AIT's solutions include:

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Known for our industry-leading in-house quality control, thorough carrier compliance process, and a 98.8% on-time delivery rate, AIT is a committed logistics partner for every link in your supply chain with a trustworthy track record of fast, cost-effective shipping success.

In our 40+ year history, we've developed lasting industry relationships, a carefully vetted base of dedicated carriers, and a suite of innovative logistics technology tools—all geared to deliver secure shipments, competitive pricing and peace of mind for our customers.

Our focus on speed and efficiency isn't limited to the trucks moving your ground freight. We use innovative technology to not only empower real-time client visibility into shipment status, but also to maintain proactive communications throughout the entire supply chain, from start to finish. Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • Online tracking and document retrieval
  • GPS-enabled tracking
  • Proprietary web-based technology suite
  • Complete EDI and e-business solutions

Whether you're distributing goods domestically or internationally through ground transportation, AIT offers a range of cost-effective full truckload services.

We leverage the transit solution that works best with your cargo needs and business goals, including dry van, flat bed and refrigerated options. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to meet your company's time, quality and product-specific requirements. 

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Beat tight timelines with end-to-end FTL shipping experts

Fast FTL freight shipments can set your organization apart—but to do it right, you'll need experienced and knowledgeable logistics providers.

Luckily, when you work with AIT you're guaranteed the resources to assemble truckload action plans at a moment's notice.

AIT offers FTL services that improve your company's ground distribution to destinations across Asia, Europe and North America. We improve your supply chain while accommodating tight timelines and specific cargo needs—from refrigeration requirements to space considerations.

Connect with an AIT Worldwide Logistics expert at one of our more than 100 offices worldwide to get started on your custom solution today.

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