Explore Customized, Scalable Options to Grow your Reach with AIT's Supply Chain Services

Global logistics expertise you can count on for international shipping and more

What if your teams could spend less time wrangling carriers, following up on shipments or slogging through customs paperwork? What would your bottom line look like if you reinvested all those hours—and payroll—into growing your business instead?

With a supply chain services expert like AIT on your side, you'll soon find out.

Think of us as your one-stop, custom global logistics shop

AIT is more than a freight forwarder. We're your transportation services partner—a long-tenured, deeply connected access point to a global logistics network of resources and experts, spanning every cargo channel and shipping method out there.

Because we're a non-asset-based forwarder, our capacity is not limited to a single air, ocean or ground fleet. That means more options for you.

And our approach is never one size fits all. Whether you're moving freight across town or around the globe via international shipping, AIT will use our unique mix of supply chain services to design a cost-effective solution to fit your needs—and boost your competitive advantage.

Sea Freight

Take advantage of flexible, cost-effective sea freight logistics and ocean shipping supply chain services.

Air Freight

Leverage speedy air freight solutions for your most time-sensitive shipments.

Customs Clearance

Cut through red tape and improve your international shipping experience with reliable, flexible global logistics services.

Ground Distribution

Upgrade your distribution supply chain services with a ground shipping expert.


Go green and save with regional or international shipping via rail.

Warehouse Management

Streamline your supply chain services with AIT warehousing options.

Cold Chain Logistics

Ensure product integrity with temperature-controlled facilities and packing solutions.

Third-Party Logistics

Offload risk and cut costs with AIT's proven third-party global logistics solutions.


Get—and give—extra value with cross-border trucking, in-house customs support and more.

Transportation Technology

Save time and money with AIT's secure, easy-to-use logistics technology solutions.

White Glove Options

Set your delivery experience apart with white glove services.

Raise your global logistics game with professional supply chain services

Whether you're managing regional, local, or international shipping, AIT's team is ready to help you grow your brand, reach—and bottom line—with a competitive transportation logistics solution built just for you. Contact us to learn more or get started today.

Connect with an AIT Worldwide Logistics expert at one of our more than 100 offices worldwide to get started on your custom solution today.

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