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Speedy air freight solutions for your most time-sensitive shipments

As air cargo volumes continue to rise, don't risk being shut out of critical capacity. Partner with AIT's global air freight experts and your shipments will fly securely with the world's leading carriers at competitive rates.

Why choose AIT's global air freight team?

Crafted from a range of competitively priced options, AIT's custom solutions will help you streamline your supply chain and avoid delays and risk. Partnership with us delivers:

  • 40+ years air shipping experience
  • Strong relationships with 17 core carriers around the world who prioritize your cargo
  • Deep expertise with dangerous, oversized and time-sensitive cargo requirements
  • Certified cargo screening facilities across the United States
  • A range of service options, from elite same-day delivery and exclusive charters to economical consolidations
  • 24/7 shipment visibility and customer service
  • And much more!

Explore AIT's industry leading air freight services

We match your freight to the best options available, including:

Wherever your shipment is heading, AIT's logistics experience adds reliability and security. With the company-wide knowledge to handle transborder deliveries, warehouse management and more, we provide end-to-end support, including:

Yes! AIT's deeply experienced, in-house customs brokerage team—in collaboration with our multilingual, in-region teams around the world—are ready to handle all the complex details of air freight imports and exports, including tricky customs declarations and confusing tariffs.

With AIT's pros on your team, you can focus on what matters most: growing your business. Learn more about our customs clearance division.

Whether you're a first-time shipper or an established importer or exporter, AIT offers global air freight solutions for nearly every industry, from phamaceuticals to industrial machinery to perishable foodstuffs and beyond.

Air cargo takes a variety of forms—from critical to routine shipments. Whether you're shipping temperature-controlled products, raw commodities, manufactured goods, or anything in between, a reliable global air freight forwarder can make or break your bottom line.
AIT's expanding global network includes more than 100 locations across Asia, Europe, and North America.
As a member of the Transport Asset Protection Association, AIT's locations feature multiple, advanced safety and security features, including 24-hour monitoring, closed-circuit cameras, keypad access and strict driver check-in and escort policies. All our United States facilities are also authorized economic operators. Learn more about our credentials and approach to cargo security.

Watch your business soar with AIT's global air freight forwarders

Partner with global logistics experts who will work with you to design a shipment plan that meets your vision, budget, and timeline.

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