Project Cargo

Partner with Project Cargo Logistics Pros to Safely Ship Oversized, Sensitive Freight

We'll work with your budget and requirements to transport your bulky, heavy or unique items

Project cargo is any freight that either doesn't fit in a standard shipping container or isn't suitable for container shipping. Cars, boats, construction equipment, locomotives, pre-built homes, turbines, and helicopter blades are just a few project cargo examples from AIT's shipment repertoire. Project cargo examples often include ocean break bulk, delicate, high-value, overweight or oversized freight.

AIT offers project cargo logistics services for air and sea freight as well as ground shipping, serving customers across a broad range of verticals every day, including the aerospace, government, automotive, and energy industries.
AIT and the Lubbers Logistics Group’s transportation logistics experts call upon our global network and more than four decades of experience to offer highly competitive rates and flexible, customized options that meet your organization's specific needs.

From loading oversized freight to managing customs clearance, AIT provides a complete range of options to ensure your shipments are transported on time and on budget, including:
Loading and unloading
While standard cargo unloading usually involves unloading a container or pallet, project cargo examples like overweight or oversized freight often require special equipment, like cranes or forklifts, to remove the crate from the vessel.

Transport logistics
Moving bulk, heavy and/or oversized freight requires special engineering and analysis to determine the most appropriate route and shipping conditions.

Extra security measures
For sensitive or delicate cargo, in-depth planning is often required to ensure the shipment's safety. For example, special arrangements might include extra padding, wrapping or stuffing, weight distribution analysis to prevent in-transit cargo shifting, or ventilation or temperature-control measures.
With AIT and Lubbers, you'll find a full-service shipping partner. Around the world, we offer a comprehensive range of transportation logistics services across nearly every mode, including barge, ground, rail, and air.

And our global logistics experts are ready to work alongside you to develop a customizable program from a range of options, including:

From cranes to planes—easily ship unique, oversized freight with AIT's project cargo logistics experts

When you partner with AIT, you gain access to a team of global freight forwarders who have the experience, knowledge, and industry relationships to successfully manage every aspect of your shipping process—from booking your cargo to arranging pickup and delivery to managing shipping documentation.

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