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Easily Ship Oversized, Overweight Cargo with AIT's Break Bulk Shipping

Enjoy seamless, cost-effective break bulk services from industry leaders

When you need to ship cargo that can't be neatly stored in a container, like a vehicle, boat or construction equipment, the solution is to place your shipment on a pallet or as boxed cargo and load it direct into a ship's hold. Industry insiders call this "break bulk" shipping.

Why trust AIT for this process? Because we'll expertly handle the complexities of moving your freight around the world, so you can focus on what matters: growing your bottom line.

Whether you're shipping thousands of twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) or the occasional less than container load, when you partner with AIT's sea freight team, you'll enjoy access to:
  • More than 1,500 weekly direct services serving 100+ countries via the world's largest consolidation network
  • Oversized, overweight, and project cargo expertise
  • Strong relationships with core and specialty carriers
  • End-to-end sea shipping visibility
  • 24/7 customer support
  • And much more!
As a licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier and Ocean Transportation Intermediary, AIT's expert sea freight forwarders source predictably priced capacity throughout the year.

The result? Highly competitive rates and the flexibility to offer customized options that meet your requirements.

Whether you need to ship standard container loads, oversized commodities or other cargo, AIT's ocean freight solutions have what you need:
  • Ocean import and export services
  • Exclusive air and ocean charters
  • Transatlantic and transpacific expertise
  • Full-container-load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) options
  • Containerization with reefer service
  • Foreign banking support
  • Sight draft creation
  • Letters of credit development
  • Legalization support
  • Direct filing via the Automated Export System
  • Certificates of origin construction
  • Supplier consolidation
At AIT, we're much more than sea freight forwarders. Around the world, we offer a comprehensive range of services across nearly every mode, including barge, ground, rail, and air.

And our global logistics experts are ready to develop a break bulk services program with you that includes:
  • Access to exclusive use vehicles
  • Purchase order management
  • Landed costing
  • Packaging and crating solutions
  • Special permit management
  • And more!
Yes! In fact, AIT's in-house customs brokerage provides hassle-free clearance for all sea imports and exports, with a customer-centric system that makes the process seamless. Our customs clearance services include:
  • Remote location filing
  • 10+2 Importer Security Filing
  • Automated broker interface offering real-time status tracking
  • Bonded warehouse locations
  • Temporary importation under bond
  • Carnet issuances, validations, and cancellations
  • Risk management with Incoterms
  • Compliance support

Enhance your sea freight experience with proven break bulk shipping experts

When you partner with AIT for break bulk services, you gain access to a team of global sea freight forwarders who have the experience, knowledge, and industry relationships to successfully manage every aspect of your sea shipping process—from booking your cargo to arranging pickup and delivery to performing shipping documentation.

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