Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics Services for Happy Customers—and Bigger Bottom Lines

Cut costs, increase revenues with reverse distribution, asset recovery services

Thanks to soaring sales, in 2021 alone, retail e-commerce revenue amounted to approximately $4.9 trillion worldwide. And this figure is forecast to grow by 50% in the coming years, reaching about $7.4 trillion by 2025. But at the same time, a quarter of all consumers send back between 5% and 15% of the items they buy online, and the majority of retailers simply aren’t equipped to handle this vast influx of returns. 

Indeed, more than half of distribution center managers say they don’t have the capability or resources to determine whether returned items should be sent to the vendor, moved into inventory or discarded.

Enhancing reverse logistics with the help of a professional team is one way many organizations are reducing costs, boosting sustainability, and carving out a competitive advantage. By leveraging scale and expertise, the right logistics partner can help retailers avoid common reverse supply chain pain points. 

Reverse logistics is the process of returning discarded goods and packaging from consumers back up the supply chain to recapture value and/or properly dispose of material. 

Goods may end up recycled, remanufactured, refurbished, reused or resold. 
AIT’s asset recovery services are comprehensive, cost-effective and quick. For more than 40 years, our customers have counted on our ability to make returns stress-free and easy while streamlining product and packaging waste recovery.

Our asset recovery services include:
  • Product retrieval from residential and business locations
  • Warranty exchanges
  • Scanning and asset tracking
  • Disassembly and packing
  • Charitable donation management
  • Seamless merchandise return
Yes, we do! AIT has a diverse portfolio of both B2B and B2C asset recovery customers that rely on our flexible reverse distribution capabilities. Our B2B reverse logistics services include:
  • Point-of-sale system retrieval 
  • Office and store asset swap services
  • Medical equipment retrieval, pack and return
  • Large-format office technology recovery and relocation 
Absolutely. Take advantage of increased revenue per asset, faster recovery times, and always-accurate data capture with AIT project management delivered by pre-screened, certified white glove technicians.

Our technology asset recovery services include:
  • Fast logging via scanner
  • Real-time asset reconciliation
  • Secure equipment packing and transit
  • Service requirement management
  • Deinstallation and disassembly
  • U.S. Department of Defense certified on-site data wipe
  • Serial number verification and recording
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • RMA number compliance
  • Returns center delivery
  • Recycling support
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With more than four decades of reverse distribution under their belts, AIT’s dedicated asset recovery experts have smooth service down to a science. While the process varies, it generally follows these eight steps:
  1. AIT examines your shipment and coordinates pickup arrangements
  2. Based on your unique requirements, we assign the best-suited agent or carrier
  3. We provide the agent or carrier with your shipment details and continue to monitor your shipment along its journey
  4. The agent or carrier picks up your asset and swaps it with a replacement, if needed
  5. The origin agent or carrier provides AIT with piece count and tracking information, then confirms delivery of the replacement item(s), if applicable
  6. We move your shipment to a distribution center or recycling facility via a carrier partner or AIT-exclusive truck
  7. Your asset arrives at the destination, where we inspect and scan it into your inventory
  8. AIT confirms receipt of the returned asset
Yes! AIT’s reverse distribution team is fully equipped to monitor your products and provide inventory control while providing several quality-assurance services, including physical counts, cycle counts, discrepancy reports and inventory receipt creation.
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