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Retail sales aren’t slowing down any time soon, with U.S. nonstore retail sales in particular growing at unprecedented rates despite a post-pandemic slowdown. Behind this juggernaut of growth lies the engine that powers it all: retail logistics. 

What is retail logistics? Essentially, it’s all the plans and processes required to move retailers’ merchandise – either to stores for sale or display or directly to consumers. 

Consumers are at the very heart of retail logistics. And as retail shipping expectations (low cost, increased availability, and speed) continue to skyrocket, retailers around the globe are rethinking their retail e-commerce strategies. 

To improve margins and customer service, many of today’s top retailers are turning to third-party logistics providers (3PLs) like AIT for modern, expert solutions.

And those who partner with the long-time professionals at AIT count on fast, dependable speed to market – so they see profits even faster.

Outpace competitors with AIT’s industry-leading retail logistics solutions

AIT’s comprehensive suite of retail e-commerce services transport your shipments where they need to be, on time and on budget. From product rollouts and special-hour delivery to compliance audits and time-specific delivery, we help retailers with all elements of retail shipping. 

Our full suite of supply chain solutions gives retailers the flexible speed-to-market options they need to remain competitive and keep pace with changing industry trends:

  • Heavy haul and special projects
  • Flex space and contract logistics
  • Deconsolidation
  • High-value parcel and truckload
  • Transloading and port drayage
  • Reverse logistics, including asset recovery 
  • Store refresh, signage and fixtures
  • Pool distribution

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Impress customers with a full menu of retail shipping options

Whether you’re shipping products domestically or internationally, we have the expertise needed to meet tight deadlines and transport items efficiently. Our retail shipping team works with companies to ensure products are delivered to stores on time, via services that include:

  • Door-to-door pick-up and delivery
  • International inbound consolidation
  • Store consolidation
  • New store openings
  • Product replenishment

AIT’s retail logistics team also supports final mile deliveries, ensuring success by giving shipments end-to-end attention. Our cost-effective shipping services benefit retailers at every stage – from products leaving the manufacturer to arriving at stores.

We enable flexible delivery options, better cargo visibility and constant customer support from one point of contact. AIT’s final mile solutions include:

  • Distribution center to store
  • Distribution center linehaul to pool
  • Pool support services
  • Pool to store
  • Store to pool
  • Distribution center bypass
  • Distribution center returns

Improve efficiency with transloading, pool distribution or DC bypass.

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AIT delivers flexible, cost-effective retail e-commerce solutions.

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