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Move Faster with Trusted High-Tech Supply Chain Experts on Your Team

See how nimble tech logistics solutions can move the needle for your organization

Every year, AIT’s high-tech supply chain experts safely transport tens of thousands of tons of consumer electronics and cloud computing components. 

In fact, in 2022 alone, our tech logistics professionals shipped more than 15,500 populated server racks to and from more than 21 countries.

Enjoy peace of mind with the tech logistics control tower

Our dedicated team is involved in every step of the technology supply chain, from components to manufacturing to final delivery. So, we know what it takes to meet your industry’s strict timelines and tight production schedules. 

Whether you’re a manufacturer, supplier or retailer, our customized high-tech supply chain solutions can help you succeed, with offerings including:

A suite of sustainable tech logistics shipping options 

From direct routing to electric vehicle transport to sustainable packaging, alternative fuels, and much more, AIT is leading the pack when it comes to providing environmentally friendly supply chain options. 

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Quicker than the competition—at reasonable rates

AIT’s high-tech supply chain experts are nimble, providing fast, flexible solutions that are both scalable and sustainable. Whether we’re transporting 80 fully populated server racks on a single aircraft, or managing a same-day consumer electronics delivery, we move faster and turn on a dime to save you time, money and headaches. 

Sprawling geographic coverage, subject matter expertise

Wherever you need to do business, AIT is there. From manufacturers in APAC to data centers in South America, no matter where your freight is coming from or going to, AIT has experts on the ground. 

  • Eight high-tech supply chain control towers on three continents with dedicated tech logistics staff
  • Global footprint supports regions representing more than 88% of the world’s gross domestic product

Unexpectedly personalized customer service

AIT delivers individualized attention you might not expect from a global provider, including 24/7 customer service and proactive communications as well as: 

  • Tech logistics experts dedicated to day-to-day operations for your account
  • Control tower supervision across every aspect of the supply chain 

Unmatched dedication to quality, security

AIT’s global team follow an integrated, network-wide approach to providing world-class logistics and service experiences at every touchpoint. Furthermore, our technology team’s proprietary high-value shipment procedures ensure each delivery is as flawless as possible. 

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AIT’s industry-leading security and quality programs deliver peace of mind.


Safeguard high-value cargo with white glove delivery.