Asset Monitoring

Secure Critical, High-Value Cargo with Real-Time Shipment Tracking, Asset Monitoring

Get cargo temperature monitoring, precise GPS location and more with advanced on-asset trackers

Whether you’re shipping temperature-sensitive food or medicine, fragile electronics or luxurious jewelry, we understand how nerve-wracking it can be to lose sight of high-value goods as they move around the world. 

No more! Thanks to on-shipment, IoT-enabled asset trackers, AIT keeps you in constant contact with your product from point A to point Z, including real-time asset monitoring updates on:

  • GPS location
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Elevation
  • Tampering
  • Impact
  • Tipping
  • Route deviation
  • Speed
  • And more!

Make critical decisions faster with real-time condition, location alerts

It’s so easy to get started, it’s just two steps:

  1. Attach a small (less than 11 ounces) device to your shipment. Or let AIT handle it.
  2. The asset tracker then transmits continuous condition updates throughout your shipment’s journey—asset monitoring data that’s available to you 24/7 via a secure, mobile friendly web portal.

Save time, money

Stop paying to manually track shipments when you set up customizable, rules-based SMS or email alerts.

And with AIT’s smart shipment monitoring solution, your bottom line is safe from hefty infrastructure investments. The tiny asset tracker device easily attaches directly to cargo, palletized loads or individual packages.

Limit risk exposure

AIT’s asset monitoring solution enables you to pinpoint shipment anomalies, reduce product damage or loss and locate misplaced assets ASAP.

Enjoy global coverage

The on-asset trackers work globally, across any mode of transport—road, air, sea or rail. Their stored data transmits every time a device comes within range of a cellular tower.

Learn more or get started with real-time shipment tracking today

Contact AIT now to find out how we can use innovative, cost-effective asset trackers and our real-time shipment tracking technology to keep an eye on your freight minute-by-minute. Save time and money when you add smart asset monitoring to your toolkit today. 

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