Server Shipping

Cloud Computing Logistics Experts: Discover AIT's Server Shipping Solutions

Seamless server rack, data center moves—for less

Moving a data center in its entirety? Replacing outdated equipment? Have just a single, populated server to transport? No matter your cargo’s requirements, AIT’s global network of credentialed technology logistics professionals has it—and you—covered.

Businesses around the world, including the top server rack companies, trust AIT with their server shipping and data center moves, because they know they can count on our cost efficiency and personalized customer service, among other benefits, including:

  • Real-time shipment tracking, asset monitoring
  • Install, removal services
  • Block space agreement expertise
  • Vast global network of people, resources
  • Dedicated, co-mingled environment experience
  • Industry-leading flexibility, speed, security
  • Low claims ratio

Standard to premium freight options

Whether air freight, ground distribution, or a combination of options makes sense for your cargo, AIT’s data rack and server shipping professionals will build just the right solution:

Trust AIT’s secure technology cargo process

With years of handling critical server shipments and data center moves under our belts, AIT has refined our process for shipping high-value goods via ground transportation, including:

  • Dedicated transport—your cargo only from origin to destination
  • Two-driver sleeper teams ensure your truck freight is never unattended
  • Strap-and-secure requirements and procedures
  • Air ride suspension requisites

Enjoy concierge-level delivery, asset recovery

AIT’s white-glove delivery and recovery professionals make server shipping and moving a data center painless, whether you’re setting up new tech or removing decommissioned hardware—or both!

And combined with our shipment tracking and real-time asset monitoring technology, the entire process is fast, secure and transparent.

White-glove delivery, recovery benefits

  • Unpacking, unloading
  • Serial number verification, photography
  • Inside delivery
  • On-site asset set up
  • Debris removal

Make messy data center moves a thing of the past

From moving a data center to transporting a single server rack, AIT is the flexible, cost-effective partner for you. To get started on your tailored server shipping solution, coordinate data center moves or just learn more about our technology logistics capabilities, contact an AIT representative.