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AIT Makes Shipping Electronics Safe, Cost Effective

Reduce electronics shipping damages, returns and grow your consumer electronics business with expert quick ship electronics support

Electronics shipping can be a risky endeavor. That’s why so many shippers partner with the logistics professionals at AIT. When you team up with us, you can rest easy, knowing your product will arrive on time and in perfect condition – and for a reasonable price. 

Whether you’re moving smartphones and wearables across town or need help with quick ship electronics delivery around the country, our cost-effective, tailored plans for shipping electronics include multiple service levels, convenient online scheduling and modern communication options that will delight both you and your customers. 

AIT can also help you avoid the dreaded capacity crunch, even during peak season, thanks to our block space agreements with carriers that also help to control costs. 

Why choose AIT?

  • Decades of expertise in electronics shipping and retailer relationships 
  • Flexible, customizable shipping solutions, including air, ocean, and ground freight
  • Easy clearance via AIT’s in-house customs brokerage 
  • Competitive pricing for all shipment sizes
  • Proven track record of on-time, damage-free deliveries
  • Online delivery appointment scheduling
  • Commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices

Read on to learn more about how we make shipping electronics more secure and easier than ever.

We have more than 40 years of experience in consumer electronics shipping and logistics, shipping everything from wearables and tablets, to smartphones, televisions, speaker systems, monitors and more. AIT’s delivery network extends to all U.S. zip codes and across nearly every distribution channel.
Our team can provide your organization with intensive, structured onboarding, defined metrics and goals, proactive communication, document management services and much more, including:
  • Packaging adjustments to limit retail delivery refusals
    • Freight inspection
    • Pallet restacking, cleaning
  • Forward stocking
  • Online delivery scheduling
  • 24/7 support access for you and your customers
  • Live, bilingual online chat
  • SMS support
  • Returns management
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From quick ship electronics deliveries to high-touch computer equipment delivery and beyond, no matter your product or destination, AIT offers five levels of high-quality service throughout the United States: 

Delivery outside the ground-floor entrance

Delivery across the first ground-floor threshold

Room of Choice
Delivery to consumer’s preferred residential space, including one flight of stairs

White Glove
Unpacking, debris removal

White Glove Ultimate
Unpacking, assembly or set up, debris removal
No! When you partner with AIT to ship large packages, including bulky, oversized parcels, you never have to deal with surcharges. And we don’t require signatures or appointments either.
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Yes! We built our solution for electronics shipping with your customers in mind. So, not only can you send status updates at the touch of a button, but your quick ship electronics customers can also schedule delivery appointments via text, and much more:

Included Communications
  • Online scheduling with click-to-chat option
  • Email alerts
  • Shipment tracking
  • MyAIT customer portal
  • IntelleCall outbound automated phone system
  • Bilingual live chat
  • Postcard notification
  • SMS/text notification
Yes. From reusable containers and direct routing to strategic cargo consolidation, electric and hydrogen vehicle transport, sustainable packaging, alternative fuels, and much more, AIT is leading the pack when it comes to providing environmentally friendly supply chain options.
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AIT offers state-of-the-art asset monitoring and GPS monitoring, and works with security and regulatory affairs departments to oversee all logistics security initiatives, including:
  • Compliance with U.S. export controls
  • Department of Defense training
  • Safety courses
  • Hazmat transportation security
  • TSA compliance training
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Track and monitor your shipment from start to finish.

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