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Dangerous Goods 101: Trust the Pros for Shipping Hazardous Materials

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The movement of hazardous materials presents risk—and not just to people and property. Your business’ bottom line, and reputation, could take a serious hit if you’re not in compliance. In fact, in 2020, non-compliance penalties reached upwards of $80,000.

That’s why it’s important for shippers to find transportation logistics partners who not only understand the ins-and-outs of dangerous goods transport but also know how to make the process seamless.

Read on to learn more about shipping hazardous materials and how AIT helps our customers move the goods they need to meet their business goals—safely and securely.

In short: any substance or material that, under transport, presents a risk to health, safety or property.

The broad hazmat categories as defined by the U.S. government are explosives, gases, flammable liquids and oxidizing, radioactive, toxic or corrosive substances. A few specific examples include automotive batteries, lawn treatments, lighters and even some perfumes, when shipped in bulk quantities.

An experienced freight forwarder, like AIT, can help you determine your cargo’s proper classification and packaging requirements, including the necessary hazard communications (e.g., marks, labels and shipping documentation).

For more information and resources on dangerous goods classification and requirements, visit transportation.gov, FAA.gov or IATA.org.
Hazmat shipping is possible via all modes of freight, but is especially common for air and ground transport.
Yes, we do. When shipping hazardous materials, AIT’s global network of teammates are trained to work with all categories, Class 1 through Class 9.
Every AIT location is equipped with a designated staging area for hazardous materials. We also provide strict training and regular monitoring through our internal audit and subcontractor compliance programs, ensuring our agents, teammates, and contracted carriers are all in compliance with local and national hazmat shipping requirements.

Additionally, AIT notifies our subcontracted carriers of any and all compliance obligations or requirements.
Yes. In addition to our registration with the DOT, we also comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization and other regulatory bodies when shipping hazardous materials.
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