Large Parcel Delivery

Large Parcel Delivery from AIT: Boost Business with Affordable Large Package Shipping

Ship large packages nationwide for less—no signatures or appointments required

Got sticker shock from shipping heavy items? Save your bottom line—and your customers’ bank accounts—from absorbing major parcel carriers’ surcharges.

When you partner with AIT to ship large packages, including bulky, oversized parcels, you never have to deal with surcharges. And we don’t require signatures or appointments either.

  • B2B or B2C compatible
  • Available nationwide
  • Safe, contact-free, doorstep delivery

Read on to learn about how our experienced team can help your business grow with large package shipping—for less. 

Packages that measure more than 130 inches in combined length plus girth or weigh more than 75 pounds exceed the major parcel carriers’ “over-maximum” limits and are thus subject to their size-based surcharges. But AIT’s large parcel delivery service is affordably priced without the major package integrators’ punitive, large-item fees.
AIT has a long history of delivering heavy, bulky goods, including large-screen televisions, exercise equipment, furniture and office equipment. Our residential delivery network is staffed by highly trained drivers with specialized experience handling these oversized packages.
Yes. To ensure everyone’s safety, AIT’s large parcel delivery service continually processes large volumes of oversize and overweight packages in a highly efficient network that provides contactless delivery to both businesses and consumers without an appointment.

Get affordable, expert help shipping heavy items

The major parcel carriers’ oversized item fees make shipping bulky, heavy goods an expensive prospect. But with AIT’s large parcel delivery service, you can skip the big integrators’ exorbitant fees, with no signatures or appointments required. Contact an AIT representative to get started today.

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