Reusable Crates

Sustainably secure valuable shipments with AIT, reusable crates

Reduce your carbon footprint with stronger, cheaper reusable shipping crates 

From fragile prototypes and technology deployments to sensitive medical equipment, high-value server cabinets and beyond, these ultra-tough reusable crates, provided by the Logistics Advanced Research Center (LARC) are better for the environment and beneficial for your organization’s bottom line. 

  • Compact, collapsible design
  • Built-in real-time tracking and condition monitoring
  • Less expensive
  • Zero damage events
  • Customizable, modular design
  • Reusable, with AIT-managed drop-off and pickup

Increase your shipment security, not your carbon footprint

Each server cabinet move with AIT employing this reusable packaging solution will not only save an average of two trees and three gallons of fuel, but it will also give you peace of mind:

  • Chain of custody per unit, versus per truck = a higher level of protection
  • Monitoring and tracking by individual unit (GPS, humidity, tilt, shock, light, temperature and altitude)
  • Ablative engineering redirects vibrations and shocks, protecting cargo inside

Reusable shipping crates vs. wood: Why reusable packaging wins 

While LARC reusable crates can be used again and again, 94% of traditional, wood shipping crates are used just once, then burned or sent to a landfill. 

Wood crates also require toxic chemicals or energy-intensive heat treatments, while LARC’s reusable crates are designed to be 100% recyclable at end-of-life.  

Additionally, thanks to their hollow, double-walled design, reusable shipping crates from LARC are stronger, more flexible, more cost-effective, and lighter than their wood counterparts.

Beyond reusable crates: explore AIT’s sustainable solutions

From reusable containers and direct routing to strategic cargo consolidation, electric vehicle transport, alternative fuels, and much more, AIT is leading the pack when it comes to providing environmentally friendly supply chain options.

Learn more about AIT’s sustainability initiatives

Explore the LARC CRATETM

Learn how LARC made a reusable shipping container lighter, stronger, less expensive and more sustainable than traditional wooden crates. 

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