When you partner with AIT, you can count on a best-in-class customer experience supported by innovative technology. We provide real-time visibility into key metrics for all cargo that we transport or manage on your behalf. You always know the status and location of your goods and AIT ensures that they’re delivered on time with product integrity intact.

Our Technology Portal provides access to our flexible technology infrastructure tailored to the data needs of each customer’s supply chain.

Integrated Supply Chain Technology         

At any given moment, AIT is shipping a host of commodities across the globe to support our customers, partners and communities. We don’t employ technology for technology’s sake; we use it to help our customers compete in today’s global economy as we orchestrate complex logistics with the highest levels of efficiency, agility and visibility.

When you need goods transported, warehoused and seamlessly managed to support your supply chain, AIT works with you to deliver intelligent, customized solutions designed to accommodate your exact needs.

As part of our customer service commitment, our in-house technology team oversees the management of data inflow, amassing shipment details from all sources and converting that data into a unified, easy-to-read interface. No matter where your goods are in the pipeline, every relevant data point is clearly accessible through a single web portal – MyAIT.

MyAIT Online Portal

MyAIT, our proprietary online portal, provides complete shipment visibility while enhancing communication across your supply chain.

This easy-to-use online system offers seamless entry for cargo transactions with status updates, reporting functionality and features that enhance the engagement with AIT from a single platform.

Our solutions team continually updates and enhances MyAIT with value-added features that go far beyond the simple tracking and tracing of your goods. You can book your shipments online, request quotes and even track the inventory in our warehouses. And with our powerful purchase order (PO) management features, AIT can act as an intermediary with your company’s vendors and suppliers.

Combining the insights of MyAIT and our logistical expertise, we uncover additional consolidation opportunities and manage the timeliness of your supply chain – all without a second thought from you.

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AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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