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Boost Your Bottom Line with Proven, Affordable North America Freight Forwarding

AIT’s North America logistics experts will move your freight quickly, securely—and cost-effectively

From the great white north of Canada, across the United States, to the southernmost reaches of Mexico, AIT’s tested and proven, industry-leading network of North America logistics professionals is ready to deliver for you.

What services does AIT provide in North America?

Working in collaboration with our expansive global network, our teams in North America will quickly tailor a flexible, cost-effective solution unique to your industry and organization’s needs, across any mode of transport, from North America air cargo to ground and intermodal. Options include:

With what commodities is AIT’s North American team most familiar?

Too many to name here! Our consultative, high-touch teams across the continent create North America logistics solutions every day for nearly every industry, including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, food and beverageautomotive and manufacturingretail and e-Commerce.

Does AIT maintain physical North America freight forwarding facilities?

Yes, our still-growing global footprint includes more than 50 AIT North America freight forwarding locations throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States, including our headquarters in Chicago. 

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What transborder services does AIT offer for North America freight?

AIT’s transborder services include cross-border trucking for ground distribution coverage, North America air cargo and warehouse management. 

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What customs clearance services does AIT provide for North America air cargo, ocean cargo, etc.?

Our in-house customs brokerage team—in collaboration with our multilingual, in-region teams around the world—are ready to handle all the complex details of North America freight imports and exports, from tricky customs declarations and confusing tariffs to strict border security and beyond.

So, whether you need assistance with customs clearance for North America air cargo, ocean freight, or any other mode, with AIT’s pros on your team, you can focus on what matters most: growing your business. 

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What cargo security measures and certifications do AIT’s North America locations provide?

As a member of the Transport Asset Protection Association, AIT’s North American locations feature multiple, advanced safety and security features, including 24-hour monitoring, closed-circuit cameras, keypad access and a driver check-in and escort policy. All our United States facilities are also authorized economic operators. 

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