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Whether you need to move freight within the country or are looking for support with Belgium exports or Belgium imports, AIT’s on-the-ground team of Belgian freight forwarders have the experience—and customer service mindset—to take your business to the next level.

When you choose AIT’s experts to handle your Belgium shipping needs, you can trust your cargo will be handled quickly and securely. So, you can focus on what matters—your bottom line.

In collaboration with AIT’s expansive global network, AIT’s team in Belgium quickly tailors flexible, cost-effective solutions unique to each client’s industry and specific organizational needs.

As one of the leading Belgian freight forwarders, AIT offers a full suite of transportation logistics options to support your unique requirements, including Belgium exports and Belgium imports:

  • Comprehensive airgroundsea, and   intermodal door-to-door services
    • Belgium-Netherlands-France expertise
  • In-house customs clearance, cross-border support
  • Bonded warehousing
  • Business intelligence services
  • Control tower support
  • Fiscal representation
  • Purchase order management
  • And much more!
All of them! As one of the leading transportation logistics companies for Belgian shipping needs, we have specialists dedicated to each mode: sea, air, train and ground. We can also help you with your transportation logistics strategy around warehousing, intermodal transport and more. 
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Our Belgian shipping teams—in collaboration with our multilingual, in-region teams around the world—are ready to handle all the complex details of Belgium imports and Belgium exports, from tricky customs declarations and confusing tariffs to strict border security and beyond. So, you can focus on what matters most: growing your business. Learn more about our customs clearance offering.
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Whether they’re shipping in-country, or elsewhere in the world, the consultative, high-touch AIT-Antwerp team creates logistics solutions for transportation every day, and for nearly every industry. Most frequently, the AIT-Belgium team serves the fashion, retail and automotive tire markets.
Yes, our still-growing global footprint includes dozens of AIT locations across Europe.
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AIT's global quality assurance and cargo security processes are in effect at all our locations. 

Our AIT-Antwerp office is also certified for the following

  • Authorized economic operator (F)
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Trust our Belgium shipping experts with your critical cargo

From helping you clear customs on Belgium exports and Belgium imports, to finding freight capacity on tight timelines, whatever it takes to move the needle, the AIT-Belgium team is here to deliver for your business. Put one of the top Belgian shipping companies to work for you.

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