Leadership Team

Executive Team

  • Vaughn Moore

    Vaughn Moore

    President and CEO
  • Ray Fennelly

    Ray Fennelly

    Chief Information Officer
  • Keith Tholan

    Keith Tholan

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Kory Glen

    Kory Glen

    Chief Financial Officer

Management Team

  • Greg Weigel

    Greg Weigel

    Executive Vice President
    Global Operations
  • Ben Naro

    Ben Naro

    Vice President
  • Mike Rothacher

    Mike Rothacher

    Vice President
    Strategic Accounts
  • Bill Fallon

    Bill Fallon

    Vice President
    Global Accounts
  • Wilson Lee

    Wilson Lee

    Vice President
    Asia Pacific
  • Ryan Carter

    Ryan Carter

    Vice President
    Americas Operations
  • Angela Mancuso

    Angela Mancuso

    Vice President
    Human Resources
  • Chris McMillin

    Chris McMillin

    Vice President
    Information Technology
  • Mike Tegtmeyer

    Mike Tegtmeyer

    Vice President
    Global Infrastructure
  • Ryan Lanterman

    Ryan Lanterman

    Corporate General Counsel
  • Patrick Merola

    Vice President
    Accounting and Finance


AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 60 offices worldwide.

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