Section 321: Eliminate Import Duty with AIT e-Commerce Services

Don’t let ever-changing tariffs and import duty costs drain your bottom line. Partner with AIT’s team of e-Commerce services and express clearance experts to take advantage of Section 321 for duty-free e-commerce fulfillment to the United States.

Read on to find out how you can drop 100 percent of your import duty costs, while maintaining your shipping costs and quick delivery to your customer.

What is Section 321? How does it eliminate import duty costs?

Part of the U.S. Customs Act known colloquially as “Section 321” (derived from this provision’s statutory source, 19 U.S.C. § 1321(a)(2)(C)), this bit of regulation allows for U.S. citizens to import into the country, in a single day, goods worth less than $800—duty free. That makes it an extremely attractive option for importers looking to save money on e-Commerce services.

Save big with duty-free U.S. imports

Count on the expertise of some of the industry’s most talented, tenured logistics professionals to untangle your supply chain, so you can get back to business. From the supplier all the way to a customer’s door, AIT’s e-Commerce services and solutions deliver.

Warehouse Goods
Store your merchandise at one of our warehouses near the U.S. border, where we’ll securely manage your inventory exactly to your specifications.

Designed to accommodate a wide range of commodities—from perishables to high-value items—our warehouses capitalize on opportunities for operational improvement, leading to lower storage and distribution costs and increased productivity.

Submit Orders
Send AIT your orders electronically via the EDI technology of your choice, manually or via batch uploads.

MyAIT, our customizable, online supply chain technology portal delivers fast, easy access to all your vital shipping information and activities

AIT Handles Packing and Shipping
AIT will quickly and securely pick, pack and deliver your freight to your customers in the United States—all on your behalf.

Backed by scalable, user-friendly technology, including online order scheduling and full-featured tracking, AIT offers tailored e-Commerce supply chain solutions for sea, air and ground freight—on time and on budget.

Trust AIT’s team of customs clearance experts

For every product imported into or exported from the United States, there are hundreds of custom and tariff regulations for shipments to meet. AIT’s team of licensed customs brokers will help you stay on top of all necessary requirements and the latest changes, ensuring smooth transborder shipping for your company. And you can rest assured you’re in compliance with ll regulatory associations, from the FDA to the TSA and beyond.

Learn more about AIT’s customs clearance capabilities.

AIT’s North American Locations
Backed by innovative technology that provides real-time visibility to products at every stage of the supply chain, our locations close the U.S. border provide access to the complete range of AIT’s global solutions and distribution channels. Their capabilities include:

Partner with a Section 321 expert for e-Commerce services

To learn more about e-Commerce fulfillment to the United States—no import duty required—contact our third-party logistics, e-Commerce services and customs clearance experts today.

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