Life Sciences Logistics

AIT Worldwide Logistics takes on the unique challenges of life science businesses, managing logistics solutions to deliver life-saving medicines, transport temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals or distribute samples for clinical trials to destinations around the world. In an industry where every moment matters, we are committed to providing fast, secure shipping services with low over, short and damaged (OS&D) numbers.

Life Sciences Shipping Expertise

We take the safety of your shipments seriously, implementing the proper steps to ensure our life science transportation meets the equipment, handling and environmental needs of your cargo. Rely on AIT’s logistics specialists who have significant experience handling pharmaceutical and life science products.

AIT’s life science qualifications include:

  • C-TPAT, IATA and TAPA Certifications
  • Registration with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • TSA-Certified Cargo Screening Facilities

Cold Chain Solutions

AIT will create a plan tailored to the unique requirements of your shipment, ensuring it receives the necessary attention from temperature monitoring to packing needs. With a wide range of life science clients, we have the experience and equipment to maintain the integrity of your products.

Our robust life science transportation solutions include:

  • Cold Chain Packing
    • Reusable Cold Chain Shipping Containers
    • Passive Packaging with Gel Packs and/or Dry Ice
    • Newest Phase Change Material Shippers
    • Active Shipping Containers
  • Latest Temperature-Reporting Technology
  • Reefer Trucks and Trailers
  • Thermal Blankets
  • Cold Chain Warehousing

Additional Shipping Services

Beyond logistics services for your life science commodities, AIT offers a diverse list of related options. From white glove to product repackaging or reverse logistics, we can add our supply chain expertise throughout the shipping process.

We provide several value-added services for your cargo, including:

  • White Glove
  • Business and Residential Delivery
  • Reverse Logistics and Asset Recovery
  • Chain of Custody for Product Protection
  • Product Repackaging and Labeling
  • Fulfillment Services

Our Life Sciences division delivers more than just pharmaceutical commodities to businesses, residences, warehouses and storage facilities. When you choose AIT, you are entrusting your pharmaceutical business to a specialist who understands the vital nature of each shipment.

AIT Worldwide Logistics has a robust global logistics network, with more than 85 offices worldwide.

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