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Make Shipping Blood Samples Easier than Ever with AIT's Global Blood Sample Logistics Experts

When you're shipping blood samples, timing is everything. That's why AIT uses real-time shipment tracking, advanced temperature monitoring and cost-effective cold chain distribution technology to efficiently ship blood samples around the world.

With specialized courier services, customized packing procedures and an expert life sciences logistics team, we streamline the blood sample supply chain to deliver your shipments securely and quickly.

Specialized blood sample courier services

AIT's global blood sample transportation coverage moves 85% of samples to their destination within five hours—maintaining top quality and ensuring hospitals, labs and clinical facilities never wait for critical shipments.

Our specialized blood sample courier services include:

Explore AIT's blood sample transportation methods

With decades of blood sample logistics experience, AIT's life sciences industry experts will make sure your products get precisely where they need to go—safely, securely, and as quickly as possible.

AIT's services for shipping blood samples include:

Plus, you can count on seeing AIT's world-renowned customer service—one of our core values in action—as we work to earn your trust by increasing the efficiency of your blood sample logistics processes.

Discover Next-Gen Cold Chain Packaging

When shipping blood samples, or other temperature-sensitive commodities, AIT uses a range of cold chain packaging techniques, including passive and active cooling methods and state-of-the art monitoring. And we're able to adjust packaging strategies on the fly, depending on your specific products and blood sample transportation needs.


Explore Cold Chain Warehousing

Backed by decades of cold chain logistics experience, refined processes and certified cold storage facilities, AIT creates flexible, customized warehousing solutions for our cold chain shipping clients all over the world.

To ensure your cargo reaches its destination without any spoilage or loss of quality, we use a variety of methods to keep all temperature-controlled shipments within their required range.


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Shipping blood samples? When you partner with AIT's blood sample logistics experts, you can count on secure warehousing and fast, safe delivery.

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