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Cold Packaging for Shipping: How AIT Protects Your Temperature-Sensitive Cargo

Rest easy with cold chain packaging solutions from global, industry-leading pharmaceutical and food logistics experts

No matter what temperature-controlled goods you're shipping, AIT's cold chain solutions are not only high-quality and regulation-compliant, they're also tailor made to best fit your organization's needs.

Part of that personalization is cold packaging for shipping—essentially, how we pack your cargo to ensure it stays in the precise, proper temperature range.

AIT’s packing and temperature-control methods 

Our global cold chain packaging solutions call upon a variety of methods and resources (including active and passive) to protect your shipment, including: 

  • Temperature reporting and smart asset monitoring (tracking humidity, falls, altitude, and more)
  • Re-icing
  • Phase-change materials
  • Active containers 
  • Cold-storage facilities worldwide (food logistics only)
  • Reusable cold-chain shipping containers
  • Refrigerated “reefer” trucks
  • Thermal blankets
  • Passive packaging: gel packs, dry ice

Active vs. passive cold chain packaging explained

AIT’s cold chain packaging solutions rely on a range of packing techniques, including active and passive systems from the industry’s top manufacturers. Curious about the difference? Read on. 

Active Packing Systems
Active thermal systems are able to maintain strict temperature ranges without incorporating phase change materials (PCMs) like water or dry ice. Powered by an energy source, active cold chain packaging solutions use either mechanical or electrical systems to regulate shipping temperatures.

Passive Packing Systems
Passive thermal systems use PCMs, like water, gel or dry ice to preserve temperature-sensitive products while in transit. It’s a low-tech, yet cost-effective way to achieve cold packaging for shipping. 

Temperature-Monitoring Devices
AIT’s cutting-edge temperature-monitoring technology helps ensure products remain within their specified temperature ranges for the duration of shipping. This technology can also provide GPS coordinates throughout the shipping process.

Get started on your reliable, flexible cold chain packaging solution today

Every day, AIT’s cold chain packaging solutions experts all over the world use their extensive knowledge of cold chain logistics processes and technology to maintain the integrity of a wide range of products—and across transportation modes, from air to sea to rail. 

Learn more about cold packaging for shipping, and how we can help.

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