Clinical Trials Logistics

Clinical trials can be difficult to manage, with products distributed over a wide network on a rigid schedule. AIT offers expert support for sample distribution, helping you run successful trials without any transportation issues. We have in-depth processes to meet your needs while providing excellent delivery service and customer support.

Clinical Trial Supply Chain Solutions

AIT’s 98% on-time rate for clinical trial deliveries gives you peace of mind throughout the transportation and logistics process. We leverage a wide breadth of logistics resources and expertise to ensure your clinical trials run smoothly and according to plan. Partnering with AIT for sample distribution comes with benefits like:

  • High Delivery Success
  • Convenient Delivery Windows
  • Low OS&D Rates
  • Unified Delivery Network of Local Delivery Carriers
  • Easy Returns Process and Inventory Transfers

Working with pharmaceutical products requires a strong commitment to shipment security. We take the safety and tracking of your products seriously, offering end-to-end supply-chain features and security, including:

  • PDMA Compliance
  • Real-time Shipment Status Updates
  • Chain of Custody
  • Documented Procedures and Pharmaceutical Field SOP
  • Compliance & Loss Prevention Specialists

Sample Distribution Customer Support

Sample distribution has a lot of moving parts. AIT maintains support during the shipment lifecycle with high-level customer service during transit. We give you constant insight into your shipments, along with various service-level options and additional post-delivery services: 

  • Specialized Pharmaceutical Division
  • Dedicated Tracking Team
  • Complete, 24/7 Shipment Visibility
  • Customized Reporting
  • Voicemail and Text Message Alerts for Arrivals
  • Delivery Appointment Scheduling
  • Service Level Flexibility
  • Pick, Pack and Label Services

Rely on AIT for reliable and efficient logistics management for sample distribution and clinical trials shipping while benefitting from decades of industry experience and around-the-clock support.

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Partner with AIT as your clinical trials logistics provider.