Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipping is a method of ocean freight transport in which multiple shippers’ goods are consolidated within one container. Shippers typically opt for LCL in import and export situations where cargo volume is too low to fill a container by itself.  

Less Than Container Load Shipping Benefits

The decision to use LCL shipping depends heavily on the type of commodity and size of shipment. As a licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), our ocean freight team has the knowledge and expertise to provide the best solution based on your business needs.

Using AIT’s Less Than Container Load service offers several benefits:

  • Lower cost: LCL shipping is the most cost-effective option for smaller shipments, providing a less expensive alternative to air freight and FCL.
  • Improved flexibility: The reduced quantity of LCL shipments reduces shippers’ inventory investment and allows more scheduling flexibility. With this method, it’s easier to adjust shipments to accommodate business needs.
  • More control: With LCL shipping, you can pick up and drop off cargo directly from the warehouse where they are loaded and unloaded, cutting out other entities and ensuring shipments reach their destination.

LCL Express Service

AIT’s LCL Express Service provides customers accelerated transit time on shipments from the Pacific Rim to North America. Weekly fixed sailing schedules, reliable LCL ocean service and distribution across the continental U.S. ensure smooth ocean transport that’s up to 75 percent less expensive than traditional air freight, and 30 percent faster than traditional Inland Point Intermodal service from LAX.

Additional benefits of AIT’s LCL Express Service include:

  • Simplified pricing (per kilogram)
  • All-inclusive Asia-to-destination-door service
  • All origins common rated
  • Dedicated ocean team
  • Complete shipment visibility

Shipment Consolidation

An important aspect of LCL transport, shipment consolidation involves combining multiple shippers’ cargo at a centrally located point of origin and transporting them together to a destination. This process frequently reduces rates, adding to the value of LCL shipping for smaller shipments.

AIT’s consolidation service is a cost-effective shipping alternative that provides you the cost and efficiency benefits of combined cargo. Through this competitive service solution, we provide calculated transit times and reliable transport to gateway cities throughout the United States.

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