Discover Seamless Canada-U.S. Shipping

In 2018, truck freight between the United States and Canada totaled $348 billion alone, while rail and air netted $100 billion and $30 billion, respectively.

As Canada-U.S. shipping traffic increases, AIT’s customers count on our cross-continental network and decades of logistics experience for a unique advantage—more seamless, secure and cost-effective Canada cross-border shipping.

Read on to learn more about the transborder Canada channel, as well as AIT’s capabilities.

Enjoy streamlined Canada cross-border services

Expedited, priority clearance is just one of the many benefits of working with AIT’s expansive transborder Canada team.

No matter your requirements, our Canada cross-border shipping plans are tailored to you—and designed to move your freight as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our team handles all documentation and works to move your freight through customs without delays.

In addition to expedited/priority clearance, our ground and air shipping solutions to and from Canada also include:

  • Next Flight Out
  • Next-Day and Two-Day Delivery
  • Door-to-Door Movement
  • Customized Courier Express Service

What are the benefits of choosing AIT for Canada cross-border shipping?

In addition to our cost-effective, custom-built shipping plans, AIT offers additional support for every customer moving freight to or from Canada, including:      

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Documentation assistance
  • Compliance maintenance for FCPA, CTPAT and BASC-approved carriers, brokers and partners
  • Access to our dedicated partner network
  • Real-time tracking for 100% shipment visibility
  • Proof of delivery
  • Pre-Arrival Release System (PARS)
  • Support from AIT’s global Quality Assurance team
  • Comprehensive Canada customs clearance assistance

What is expedited/priority clearance?

Essentially, expedited or priority clearance is the process of getting your freight through customs ASAP. Around the world, the customs clearance process varies for every country. That’s why it’s important to partner with an experienced freight forwarder, like AIT, with expertise and existing in-country relationships. Learn more about customs clearance.

What is the Pre-arrival Review System (PARS)?

Simply put, the Pre-arrival Review System (PARS, for short) gives the Canadian government a heads-up on what freight will be entering their country. More specifically, PARS is a Canadian Federal Government customs program that allows importers, or customs brokers like AIT acting on their behalf, to submit cargo information to the Canada Border Services Agency for review and processing before their goods arrive in Canada. This state-of-the-art technology streamlines the flow of freight across the border. Learn more at

Does AIT have warehouses or offices in Canada?

Yes, we do. Our widespread Canadian network allows us to provide expert assistance on your cross-border shipments into Canada. Along with offices in Toronto and Halifax, our decades of logistics experiences informs shipping plans that help transport your freight quickly. Our robust shipping network allows swift transportation of goods between all major markets in the United States and Canada via ground, air or rail transportation.

Work with Canada cross-border experts

Looking for a reliable and experienced logistics provider to handle transborder Canada shipments? Partner with AIT to put your freight in the hands of a company with decades of cross-border logistics expertise.

AIT Worldwide Logistics has a robust global logistics network, with more than 85 offices worldwide.

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