Customs Clearance for Canada

Shipping freight to different countries always brings its unique challenges and Canada is no different. With changing government regulations, clearance processes and regulations, a knowledgeable customs broker is essential when moving goods across the Canadian border.

 AIT’s team of licensed customs brokers will help you stay on top of all necessary requirements and the latest changes, ensuring smooth transborder shipping for your company.

Canada Customs Clearance

Rely on AIT’s expertise for your company’s customs clearance needs to and from Canada. Our AIT Customs Brokerage team will work with your company to ensure smooth transit across the United States’ northern border and take care of all required documentation.

Benefits of using AIT for your Canada border clearance include:

  • Expedited releases using the Pre-arrival Review System (PARS)
  • Priority clearance through U.S. Customs using an automated electronic interface
  • Clearance while your shipment is still in the air using AIT’s “Wheels Up” service
  • Processing of Temporary Importation under Bond (TIB)
  • Issuance, validation and cancellation of Carnets
  • Strict compliance with Canadian regulations

AIT’s licensed customs brokers can help your freight through every step of this import or export process, minimizing issues and reducing time-consuming customs clearance delays for your company.

Your Canada Border Clearance Partner

Our offices in Toronto and Halifax have the firsthand knowledge and expertise to easily move your freight across the Canadian border. We ensure your shipment has the correct documentation, follows all necessary procedures and conforms to Canadian regulations, keeping your freight safe. Learn more about AIT's Canada U.S. shipping services.

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