Section 321 Clearance

Section 321 Type 86 Clearance: Eliminate Import Duty with AIT E-commerce Services

Save big on low-value shipments with duty-free U.S. imports

Don't let import duty costs sink your bottom line. Instead, partner with AIT's experts, take advantage of Section 321 Type 86 clearance for duty-free e-commerce fulfillment to the United States, and ride the big e-commerce wave to the shores of success.

Read on to find out our in-house customs clearance and e-commerce pros can help you can drop 100% of your import duty costs on high-volume, low-value shipments, while ensuring just-in-time delivery designed to delight your customers.

But first, some background.

Part of the U.S. Customs Act, this regulation allows for U.S. citizens to import into the country, in a single day, goods worth less than $800—duty free. That makes it an extremely attractive option for importers looking to save money on e-commerce services.

Intended to help the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency manage the flow of goods, by creating greater visibility for low-value shipments entering the country, while improving border security, Entry Type 86 is a newer customs entry type usable by an owner, or purchaser of a Section 321 low-valued shipment, or, when appropriately designated, a customs broker appointed by an owner, purchaser, or consignee.

  • Streamlined and faster
  • Available for most forms of merchandise 
  • Doesn't require importers to pay a fee when clearing goods (unlike express carrier consignment facilities)
  • Harmonized tariff schedule requirements are difficult to navigate. This complex, process can be complex time-consuming for non-professionals and could lead to delayed shipments and even monetary penalties if entered improperly. 
When you count on the expertise of some of the industry's most talented, tenured logistics professionals to untangle your supply chain, you can not only get back to business, but you could also potentially save thousands of dollars per shipment in additional clearance expenses—opening an opportunity to import products that otherwise might be cost prohibitive.

So get growing! From the supplier all the way to a customer's door, AIT's E-commerce services and solutions deliver.

Warehouse goods
Store merchandise at your distribution center or choose one of our preferred global warehouse locations—including facilities near the U.S. border in both Canada and Mexico. From anywhere in the world, we’ll securely manage the inventory to your exact specifications and when sales are made, AIT provides rapid fulfillment to the U.S. via air, ocean or ground.

Designed to accommodate a wide range of commodities—from low-value retail items to perishables to high-value items—our warehouses capitalize on opportunities for operational improvement, leading to lower storage and distribution costs with increased efficiency.

Submit orders
Send AIT your orders electronically via the electronic data interchange technology of your choice, manually or via batch uploads.

MyAIT, our customizable, online supply chain technology portal delivers fast, easy access to all your vital shipping information and activities.

Forget packing and shipping
AIT will quickly and securely pick, pack, and deliver your freight to your customers in the United States—all on your behalf.

Backed by scalable, user-friendly technology, including online order scheduling and full-featured tracking, AIT offers tailored e-commerce supply chain solutions for sea, air, and ground freight—on time and on budget.
For every product imported into or exported from the United States, there are hundreds of custom and tariff regulations for shipments to meet.

AIT's team of licensed customs brokers will help you stay on top of all necessary requirements and the latest changes, ensuring smooth transborder shipping for your company. And you can rest assured you're in compliance with all regulatory associations.

Learn more about AIT's in-house U.S. customs clearance.
While most online sales can be released as Entry Type 86, there are exceptions, including alcohol, tobacco, agricultural products, quota goods, and goods subject to countervailing/antidumping duties. CBP reserves the right to require filers to clear shipments under a formal entry in certain cases for admissibility, enforcement, and other purposes. Learn more at

Avoid import duty, partner with Section 321 Type 86 clearance experts for winning e-commerce services

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