Minimize Delays with Same Day Air via AIT's Next Flight Out Service

Trust your time-sensitive shipments to same day air professionals with AIT’s next flight out service

When time is of the essence to move your critical cargo fast, count on AIT's next flight out shipping to get your freight where it needs to be, as quickly and securely as possible.

Thanks to more than four decades of logistics experience and our widespread global network, AIT delivers unparalleled agility and speed—without ever sacrificing safety or security.

What is next flight out shipping?

AIT's next flight out service makes use of our extensive, and growing, global network to load your cargo onto the next available flight. This means we can transport your shipment anywhere in the world as soon as possible—often within the same day.

What is same day air?

With same day air delivery, AIT reserves space on a flight that regularly travels between two destinations and carries cargo for multiple customers.

What cargo does AIT recommend for next flight out shipping?

The tight turnaround times of next flight out make same day air shipping an ideal solution for urgent cargo like automotive, healthcare and government shipments.

What are the benefits of AIT's next flight out services?

The benefits of partnering with us for same day air via next flight out shipping include:

  • Safely expedite urgent deliveries 24/7/365
  • 23% faster dispatch to pick-up locations
  • Superior customer service backed by decades of experience
  • Hand carry service available for the most critical packages
  • 24/7 shipment visibility and customer service

What additional services can AIT package with same day air freight shipments?

Wherever you need next flight out service, AIT's logistics experience adds reliability and security. With the company-wide knowledge to handle transborder deliveries, warehouse management and more, we provide end-to-end support, including:

How extensive is AIT's next flight out service network?

AIT's expanding global network includes more than 100 locations across Asia, Europe, and North America.

Does AIT provide customs clearance support for global same day air services?

Yes! AIT's experienced, in-house customs brokerage team—in collaboration with our multilingual, in-region teams around the world—are ready to handle all the complex details of air freight imports and exports, including tricky customs declarations and confusing tariffs.

With AIT's pros on your team, you can focus on what matters most: growing your business. Learn more about our customs clearance division.

How will AIT ensure the safety and security of my same day air cargo?

As a member of the Transport Asset Protection Association, AIT's locations feature multiple, advanced safety and security features, including 24-hour monitoring, closed-circuit cameras, keypad access and strict driver check-in and escort policies. All our United States facilities are also authorized economic operators. Learn more about our credentials and approach to cargo security.

Speed up delivery timelines with next flight out shipping

Partner with the right logistics provider for reliable, adaptable next flight out shipping for your crucial cargo. To get more information on our same day air services or secure a fast quote talk to an AIT representative today.

Connect with an AIT Worldwide Logistics expert at one of our more than 100 offices worldwide to get started on your custom solution today.

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