New AIT Office Opens in Reno, Nevada

Published on: Aug 03, 2018


The facility will meet customer demand for full-service logistics solutions in a region that has become a thriving distribution hub

ITASCA, ILLINOIS (August 6, 2018) – Global supply chain solutions leader AIT Worldwide Logistics has opened a new station in Reno, Nevada. The full-service office will be overseen by Branch Managers Bret and Monica Roper.

The location is opening with an established customer base in the area at a time when demand is spiking for an organization like AIT that can provide complete logistics options and solutions for businesses in Reno. Furthermore, with many manufacturers having moved to Reno in recent years, northern Nevada has become a distribution hub for the greater region.

In addition to a prevalent gaming industry, aerospace and pharmaceutical companies are prominent in Reno. AIT is well-suited to meet the shipping needs for all of these sectors by leveraging expertise in transpacific imports, exports, cold chain logistics, expedited air freight and more.

AIT-Reno team members are also eager to apply their innovative ideas when designing supply chain options and solutions for customers in the local market. Past examples include of out-of-the-box ideas like developing a custom temperature-controlled crate for a clinical drug trial, sourcing specially-designed pallets to reduce damage ratios and pioneering a homegrown GPS tracking system before truck-mounted units had become commonplace.

Mrs. Roper said, “We’ve established a reputation in the industry by providing truly personal service. In addition to our large multinational customers, our team excels at serving smaller and mid-size companies. AIT’s ability to secure cargo space and competitive rates means we can scale our products to help customers of all sizes achieve their goals. Finally, our experienced team will ensure that AIT’s company culture flourishes at this new office.”

“We are delighted to be expanding in the Reno market with exceptional customer service and an innovative approach to logistics,” said AIT President and CEO Vaughn Moore. “AIT-Reno has all the components to be a remarkably successful location and the company is very excited to provide full support as they commence operations.”

AIT’s 54th location offers a complete slate of logistics services supporting companies in northwestern Nevada and the surrounding region:

AIT Worldwide Logistics
1325 Airmotive Way, Suite 200
Reno, NV 89502

Phone: (775) 204-5440
Fax: (775) 204-5144


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