Retail Logistics

In order to meet the complexity and challenges involved with modern retail logistics, an integrated and collaborative infrastructure blending critical business functions is required to pursue the full range of opportunities existing in the marketplace.

Designed with the primary consumer demands of cost and availability in mind, AIT offers high-quality end-to-end service solutions from production facilities and worldwide sourcing straight to the sales floors of the most recognized retailers.

Retail Shipping Expertise

AIT's retail logistics team provides advanced logistics and supply chain solutions geared towards retail companies including deconsolidation, transloading, cross docking, dedicated carriage services, final mile expertise and pool distribution.

Using AIT for your retail shipping provides the following benefits:

  • Flexible Speed-to-Market Delivery
  • Flex Space / Contract Logistics
  • Product Rollout Handling
  • Final Mile Delivery
  • Time and Date Specific Appointment Scheduling
  • Assembly and Installation Options
  • Reverse Logistics and Asset Recovery

Retail Supply Chain Management

AIT delivers advanced logistics and retail supply chain management solutions specifically tailored to retail companies.

  • Control Tower Setup for 24/7 Customer Support
  • Chain of Custody
  • Complete Shipment Visibility
  • Advanced Technology Solutions
  • Claims and Loss Prevention Initiatives
  • Customs Clearance
  • PO and Inventory Management

For more than 40 years, we’ve designed, executed and managed transportation and logistics solutions for first-time shippers and established importers/exporters alike. Rely on our extensive industry experience to streamline your network and keep your inventory moving.

For AIT's full retail logistics service scope, please refer to the Retail Logistics List of Services.

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 60 offices worldwide.

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