AIT Relieves Display Case Installation Headaches with All-Inclusive White Glove Solutions for Business-to-Business Deliveries

Published on: Apr 28, 2019

AIT Relieves Display Case Installation Headaches with All-Inclusive White Glove Solutions for Busine

The Challenge

A leading manufacturer of high-quality eyewear was experiencing difficulties when rolling out new display cases to feature their products in an increasingly diverse array of retail locations including optometrists’ offices, sporting goods stores and independent optical boutiques. The displays were designed to drive sales and reinforce the brand by commanding consumers’ attention with bold graphics and lighting.

However, the delivery, assembly and installation process proved to be a burdensome task. There were service providers who could deliver the unassembled cases to retail locations, but few (if any) were willing to dedicate the time and specialized labor to provide complete white glove services with assembly and installation.

Many of the retail locations presented unique challenges including tight spaces to manage for delivery and assembly. Most of the retailers were sole proprietorships with just a few employees who were unable to set aside time for display case assembly and installation. Furthermore, the locations that were willing to take on the task did not always have the proper tools for the job. Finally, timing was an issue: deliveries often needed to take place when the retail locations were closed, but other service providers were unable to accommodate off-hours scheduling requests.

These complications led to frequent interruptions for the eyewear manufacturer’s merchandising team. The merchandisers were saddled with handling an influx of requests for assistance from the field which took time away from creating planograms and other value-added tasks.

The Solution

AIT’s White Glove team took a consultative approach with the eyewear manufacturer to listen and understand every step of the process that ended with a fully assembled display case at any given site. The AIT logistics professionals quickly realized that providing an effective and comprehensive solution would begin with highly-detailed work on the front end for each installation.

One of the most important improvements that AIT made to the process was the management of pre-delivery site surveys. Before AIT became involved, the eyewear manufacturer’s sales team was responsible for the site surveys which took time away from their primary sales activities. AIT developed a more detailed questionnaire and assigned a dedicated team member to develop an in-depth understanding of each retail location’s unique space. Information gathered from each individual questionnaire is now used to identify potential delivery issues and devise workarounds well in advance. Delivery of the display case components is only scheduled once a fully-formed delivery plan has been created.

Effective delivery plans get the display case components securely inside the location, but AIT’s network of highly-trained professionals complete the job with efficient assembly and installation. The white glove experts in AIT’s network are provided with complete training materials including written instructions and assembly illustrations. The team also provides video training that not only demonstrates the process, but also calls attention to common pitfalls to watch out for during a typical assembly and installation.

The Result

In contrast to other service providers who will only deliver freight, AIT’s White Glove team implements a comprehensive solution to effectively position the eyewear manufacturer’s display cases in a variety of retail locations. The eye-catching display cases are delivered and installed in a timely manner while the level of participation required from the retail locations is greatly simplified. It is now easier than ever for the eyewear manufacturer to rapidly deploy new product lines into stores where consumers will be enticed to make a purchase.

The delivery of the display case components remains an important part of the process and AIT ensures flawless execution by completing detailed site surveys well before the freight is shipped. Moreover, AIT goes above and beyond successful delivery with a specialized network of trained experts who work collaboratively with the retail locations to complete the final assembly and installation.

As a result, the eyewear manufacturer’s merchandising team is not peppered with requests for assistance from retailers. Being free from this distraction allows the merchandisers to spend their time creating innovative displays that promote the brand and generate sales to consumers.

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