What You Need to Know About U.S. Import Customs Clearance

An AIT Logistics Solution Guide to import brokerage services

From document collection to tax form management to Incoterms and more, bringing goods into the United States requires expert organization and deep expertise across a range of areas. That’s why so many businesses choose to team up with an import brokerage partner.

Looking for import clearance help?

AIT’s Logistics Solutions Guide to U.S. Customs Clearance not only outlines how an experienced, well-respected import customs partner can benefit your business, it also:

  • Lays out key qualifications to look for in an import brokerage
  • Defines must-have risk management capabilities
  • Provides specific questions to ask potential partners
  • And more!

Read AIT’s Logistics Solutions Guide to U.S. import customs clearance now.




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