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Despite other corridors’ rising trade dominance, moving freight across the Atlantic Ocean remains an important and high-volume component of U.S. and European companies’ international shipping plans.

For years, it was the most stable of the east-west shipping markets in terms of freight rates and vessel capacity. But as increasingly larger vessels entered the market, and trade wars mounted, more and more complexity entered the field.

To ease the burden and increase the efficiency of their European shipping or transatlantic shipping requirements, many businesses are turning to experienced, well-networked transportation logistics experts like AIT.

Discover AIT’s seamless transatlantic shipping solutions

With more than four decades of logistics experience under or belt, AIT creates and manages cost-effective, efficient and secure shipping plan every day for shipments crisscrossing the Atlantic—and all over the world.

Armed with a global team of transportation logistics experts and an expansive network, we’re prepared to not only meet, but exceed your European shipping or transatlantic shipping needs.

Conquer the seas with ocean import, export capabilities

Freight crossing the Atlantic Ocean requires a careful shipping plan and an expert logistics team to ensure it arrives safely, quickly and in proper condition.

Our experienced shipping team provides guidance and support on your transatlantic freight shipments. AIT’s solutions for European shipping or transatlantic shipping via sea freight include:

Count on 40 years of reliable air freight

Whether your transatlantic shipment is urgent, or you plan on regularly scheduled European shipping requirements, air freight is just one way that AIT can get your cargo where it needs to go—on time and in good condition.

Our transatlantic air freight customers enjoy access to the following services, capabilities and credentials:

Take advantage of next-gen warehousing options

Strategic warehousing and distribution plans are critical components of overseas shipments, and AIT has the resources to ensure your freight is safely stored. And with AIT, you’ll gain access to 76,000 square feet of bonded warehouse space for your transatlantic shipments.

We offer a range of transatlantic warehousing services, including:

  • Third-party logistics
  • Pick and pack
  • Distribution
  • Cross docking
  • Reverse logistics
  • Order fulfillment
  • Inventory management
  • Bonded warehouse access

Gain peace of mind with global compliance support

With AIT, you can trust your cargo will have the full support necessary to maintain global compliance, thanks to our reliable customs clearance, supply chain protection and operational excellence.

Our global compliance credentials include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Authorized economic operator designation
  • Dangerous goods certification
  • Hazardous materials certification
  • IATA cargo agent
  • Safety Act designation

For a full overview, download AIT’s list of transatlantic shipping services.

Find the right transatlantic shipping company for you

Looking for expert guidance and support on your transatlantic shipments? When you partner with AIT, you’ll benefit from our global partnerships, the latest supply-chain technology, our committed customer service and industry-leading processes honed through years of experience.

To learn more about how to make AIT a valuable partner for your transatlantic or European shipping, contact a representative today.

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