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Pushed along by ever-faster data speeds, widespread internet access and vast mobile device penetration, the e-commerce industry—including e-commerce logistics—has seen massive growth in the past few decades. And with major markets like India still experiencing e-commerce awakenings, the growth is expected to continue.

But did you know that nearly half (45%) of shoppers have abandoned an online cart due inadequate e-commerce shipping options? It’s true. With access to e-commerce options more commonplace than ever, consumer expectations are on the rise.

In the face of great risks and rewards, read on to find out how a partnership with AIT can take your e-commerce shipping and order fulfillment strategy to the next level.

Choose AIT e-commerce logistics for shipping and order fulfillment

Online retailers and distributors around the world trust AIT’s knowledgeable supply chain experts for consultative and customizable programs. That’s because we have the scope and know-how to design and mange streamlined, rapid and cost-effective e-commerce shipping solutions that get finished goods from Asia and Europe to U.S. consumers and B2B customers ASAP. 

And, on top of enjoying reduced or minimized warehousing and order fulfillment costs, our e-commerce solutions clients minimize their duty fees and save as much as 30 percent per shipment compared to traditional parcel provider services. 

Most importantly, they’re able to turn those benefits into customer delight and increased sales via faster service and reduced prices.

How does AIT’s door-to-door e-commerce shipping work?

AIT’s savvy e-commerce shipping and order fulfillment model bypasses traditional ocean import, stateside warehousing, and order fulfillment hubs.

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What are the requirements for e-commerce shipping?

While AIT’s e-commerce logistics solutions accommodate a wide variety of goods for U.S. import, in our experience, the following criteria will result in the greatest benefits:

  • Individual products with a declared value of $800 or less (per order, per day)
  • Consistent volumes of 100+ parcels per import
  • Five-to-seven-business-day delivery window

Stop paying import duties with Section 321 clearance.

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