AIT's Government Supply Chain Security Reduces Risk

Your supply chain faces risk every day, from inclement weather to supplier failures to volatile commodity prices to cyberattacks—even armed conflict or terrorism. And the broader your reach, the greater the risk.

That's why it's so important to ensure safe, on-time delivery by partnering with an experienced, government supply chain security expert.

AIT’s global network not only delivers in-depth knowledge of supply chain security best practices, but also a deep understanding of government regulations.

Read on to learn more about AIT's supply chain security expertise and capabilities. 

Why trust AIT with your government supply chain security?

In a word? Experience. In our more than 40 years as a full-service transportation and logistics provider, we’ve tailored supply chain solutions for sea, air and ground freight, for just about every industry—on time and on budget.

Global Reach

With expert teammates at more than 60 worldwide locations in Asia, Europe and North America, AIT’s offering also include customs clearance, warehouse management and white glove services.

Government and Military Experience

AIT has also gone above and beyond to proudly serve every branch of the U.S. military as well as government entities across the nation.

Civil Reserve Air Fleet Partnership

Our CRAF agreement enhances AIT’s capabilities to transport government commodities internationally. Learn more.

Stringent regulatory compliance and supply chain security credentials you can trust

Stringent government cargo security is AIT’s first line of defense for superior government services.

Our regulatory affairs department oversees all day-to-day security efforts, and we hold credentials and agreements with the supply chain security world’s most trusted regulatory bodies and associations, including:

TSA-Certified Cargo Screening Facilities

As a U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-certified Indirect Air Carrier, we maintain TSA-certified cargo screening facilities in Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles. And, when required, we offer Explosive Trace Detection (ETD), physical search and use of TSA canines.

Learn more about AIT’s cargo security credentials.

Risk Management Expertise

Our logistics risk management expertise and SCRM solutions take the complexity out of managing supply chain risk. Learn more.

Quality Assurance Focus

AIT’s global Quality Assurance team has developed an integrated, network-wide approach to providing world-class logistics and service experiences at every touchpoint.

AIT’s quality assurance initiatives goal is providing customers with a positive, memorable experience. Our systematic approach focuses on standardization, documentation and 24/7 monitoring to guarantee governmental compliance and a smooth logistics process from beginning to end. 

Our comprehensive method incorporates the following programs:

Learn more about AIT’s quality assurance methods and commitment.  

Simplify, fortify your government supply chain

Partner with supply chain security experts. To learn more about AIT’s security and compliance practices, contact a representative today.

AIT Worldwide Logistics has a robust global logistics network, with more than 85 offices worldwide.

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