Air Import

Backed by decades of experience moving air freight, AIT Worldwide Logistics has the knowledge and resources to help you successfully import your air shipments. As an International Air Transport Association (IATA) certified air freight forwarder, we provide customers with a range of services for a variety of products — from fresh produce and home furnishings to highly sensitive networking equipment. We’ll oversee your air imports from pick-up to delivery, keeping it moving every step of the way.

AIT’s Air Import Services

AIT delivers end-to-end solutions, with supplemental tools and offerings that make the importing process simple. Our air freight forwarding services include:

From first-time shippers to established global companies, we deliver shipping assistance that scales to meet your air import needs. Customers who work with us see a variety of benefits including priority status, strong bargaining power, high-quality service and more.

Our international air freight services are broken into several levels:


  • Urgent Delivery with Next Flight Out (NFO) option
  • 24–48 Hour Transit


  • Quick Delivery with Priority Consolidation option
  • 48–72 Hour Transit


  • Affordable Delivery with Standard Consolidation option
  • 4–5 Day Transit

Air Import Process

Relying on our experts’ in-depth knowledge and decades of experience, AIT has developed an end-to-end air importing solution that can be applied your business needs. We’ll guide your shipment through the air import process – from pick-up, through main voyage and customs clearance to final delivery at destination, keeping it on schedule anywhere in the world. Exact steps vary based on shipment, but air imports with AIT follow this basic process:


  • Customer requests shipment
  • Customer or origin agent provides shipment information
  • Pick-up arrangements are made by customer or origin agent
  • Origin agent books shipment, sends pre-alert to AIT


  • Local carrier departs with shipment
  • AIT tracks shipment, turns over documents for customs clearance
  • Shipment arrives at destination airport


  • Customs broker clears freight, delivers release documents to AIT
  • AIT dispatches the shipment, providing delivery agent with necessary documents
  • Agent delivers shipment and provides proof of delivery to AIT
  • AIT invoices customer or origin agent

Customs Clearance for Air Imports to the U.S.

AIT’s licensed brokers helps your air import shipments clear any customs hurdle they encounter. We handle the necessary documents and processes, ensuring your freight meets all required regulations while staying on schedule. We minimize on-the-ground delays and leverage our global network to guide you through complex requirements, quickly moving your goods across U.S. borders.

AIT Customs Brokerage offers a “Wheels Up” service, which allows for U.S. Customs clearance while your freight is still in the air enroute to U.S. destinations. This can improve transit times by up to one day, expediting your shipments and reducing delivery delays.

AIT Worldwide Logistics has a robust global logistics network, with more than 85 offices worldwide.

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