Air Export

AIT Worldwide Logistics is focused on delivering a world-class experience for your company’s air export needs. Using our strategic industry connections and in-depth knowledge our experts guide your cargo out of the country and to its destination. As a certified International Air Transport Association (IATA) air freight forwarder, we are ensuring your cargo is transported safely and efficiently — and in accordance with government regulations.

AIT’s Air Export Services

We provide the resources to expedite international shipments, drawing on our top airline connections and industry experience to transport your freight. Ensuring your cargo is never unmonitored or held up due to poor planning, AIT’s end-to-end air export services include:

As a leading international air freight forwarder, we provide companies with scalable and flexible solutions for their transportation needs. We help your air export go smoothly, providing single-source services that keep your cargo moving. Benefits our clients see include priority status, bargaining power and reduced costs.

We offer international air freight service at several levels:


  • Urgent Delivery with Next Flight Out (NFO) option
  • 24–48 Hour Transit


  • Quick Delivery with Priority Consolidation option
  • 48–72 Hour Transit


  • Affordable Delivery with Standard Consolidation option
  • 4–5 Day Transit

Air Export Process

AIT’s experienced teams manage and oversee the complexities associated with air exports for maximum efficiency. From booking shipments to handling documents, we’ll ensure your freight is taken care of from the time it leaves it’s origin until final delivery at destination. The air export process with AIT generally follows these basic steps:


  • Customer requests shipment
  • Customer or shipper provides shipment information
  • AIT arranges pickup of freight at shipper’s facility
  • Customer or shipper provides shipment documents
  • AIT creates HAWB, books shipment with carrier and creates MAWB


  • AIT sends pre-alert, arranges drop of freight at origin airport
  • Shipment departs origin airport
  • AIT tracks shipment until it arrives at destination airport


  • Depending on type of shipment, consignee or destination agent arranges for customs clearance
  • Freight is either delivered to consignee or retrieved at airport
  • AIT invoices customer

Customs Clearance for Air Exports

One of the most daunting parts of international shipping is getting your cargo cleared through customs. AIT’s export team can help you navigate this process for hassle-free border clearance for your air freight no matter where it’s headed.

Air Exports to the United States can benefit from using the services of AIT Customs Brokerage, including online tracking, “Wheels Up” service and strict compliance with government regulations.

AIT Worldwide Logistics has a robust global logistics network, with more than 85 offices worldwide.

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