Safely Streamline Your Vaccine Supply Chain

Innovative, secure vaccine shipping solutions for transporting vaccines fast

Shipment security and efficiency are always top priorities for businesses moving cargo—even more so when patients’ health depends on fast, safe delivery.  

That’s why, whether they’re moving critical cargo across town or around the world, it’s vital that pharmaceutical and medical organizations work with trusted, experienced 3PL partners like AIT on their vaccine logistics projects.

Read on to learn more about the details of today’s vaccine supply chain and how AIT’s consultative approach will not only cut costs and move the needle for your business, but more importantly, ensure physicians have the tools they need—exactly when they need them.

Why AIT is the right fit for your immunization, vaccine logistics needs

With decades of experience behind us, and the support of our extensive global network of strategic and cutting-edge technology, AIT has the power and know-how to deliver what your vaccine supply chain demands.

From proper storage to temperature control to handling and stock management, we help customers all over the world safely and reliably deliver some of the most fragile cargo from the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry—every day.

What services does AIT provide for the vaccine supply chain?

Built on a foundation of top-notch equipment and a legacy of expertise, our vaccine supply chain solutions aren’t one size fits all.

AIT’s team will work with you to create a customized plan from our extensive menu of global services, including:

How does AIT ensure safe storage when handling or transporting vaccines?

Smart, cold-chain vaccine packing
Our dedicated Life Science Division has decades of experience with medical logistics, as well as the cold-chain packing equipment and know-how to meet your healthcare products’ specific temperature range requirements, from pickup to storage to delivery. Our capabilities include:

  • Active packing systems
    Thermal systems powered by energy sources, instead of phase-change materials, to maintain strict temperature ranges
  • Passive packing systems
    Thermal systems that use phase-change materials like water, gel packs or dry ice to cost-effectively regulate temperature in transit
  • Temperature-monitoring devices
    Smart technology that provides GPS coordinates and in-transit temperature throughout the shipping process

Sustainable reusable containers cut vaccine shipping costs
AIT’s convenient alternatives to traditional packing methods, like phase-change containers, deliver multiple benefits, including:

  • Superior performance versus dry ice or gel packs
  • Strict temperature-range maintenance—for as much as a week
  • Competitive pricing
  • Reduced waste

Industry-leading qualifications, certifications
Our team of life science experts and network of TSA-certified cargo screening facilities have all of the qualifications necessary to support the critical, complex needs of the vaccine supply chain. That includes registrations and memberships with the following organizations:

Protect and perfect your vaccine supply chain strategy

Need to reduce shipping costs? Increase delivery speed? Looking to do both—or something entirely different? Get started on a customized vaccine logistics plan tailored to your unique business goals. Contact an AIT representative today.

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