Trucking Logistics 101: Know Your Ground Freight Timing Options

How deferred shipping, expedited trucking and hot shot trucking stack up

From medicine to retail to food, every facet of the global economy depends on speedy, reliable logistics trucking.

But with so many choices, from deferred shipping to expedited trucking to hot shot trucking, how do you know which service is best suited to your schedule?

For help deciding, read on to learn the difference between trucking service timing options and how AIT can build a customized, cost-effective solution to help your organization reach its goals.

Deferred Shipping: Ideal for longer lead times

Deferred shipping is a secure and cost-effective transit solution for ground shipments with longer lead times or without tight time constraints—scheduled restocks for automotive parts or retail inventory, for example.

With this transit method, your freight is consolidated and ships at the next available connection. While the deferred shipping process may take slightly longer than other trucking options, this method allows your organization to cut costs on routine shipments without excessive delays.

AIT offers deferred freight trucking logistics services with competitive rates for three-day and three-to-five-day delivery options on shipments of all sizes, including full-truckload shipments and less-than-a-truckload shipments.

Expedited Trucking: Better for tight timelines

From perishables to life sciences items, expedited trucking provides attentive, reliable ground transit build around customer’ particular schedule requirements—without delays.

AIT’s high-touch expedited trucking service is also available for full-truckload shipments and less-than-a-truckload shipments and includes flexible pick-up hours, weekend service, and no size or weight restrictions, as well as cost-effective, time-guaranteed delivery to any U.S. location. So, you can count on on-time, as-expected delivery for your domestic shipment.

Hot Shot Trucking: The speed of air at the cost of ground

When you need freight delivered fast without leaving the ground, hot-shot trucking’s direct-route method is likely to be your best option. It provides the efficiency of air shipping for deliveries of any size and at a lower cost—and fewer complications.

AIT’s hot shot trucking logistics services move our customers’ cargo from origin to destination in the same truck—no depot transfers, consolidations, delays or excuses.

Add value with premium services

Whether your freight can benefit from deferred trucking or demands the fast transit of hot shot trucking, you can take advantage of additional support options across the entire supply chain, including:

  • Inside pick-up and delivery service
  • Lift gate service
  • Merge in transit
  • Air ride equipment
  • Weekend and holiday service
  • Exclusive-use vehicles

Partner with a tenured team of trucking logistics pros

Still unsure whether deferred shipping, hot shot trucking or expedited trucking is right for you? Working with an experienced logistics partner can not only help you outsource the decision—it can set your entire shipment up for success.

Contact an AIT representative to get started or learn more about extensive resources and decades of ground transportation experience.

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