White Glove Home Delivery

Set Your Business Apart with White Glove Home Delivery

Inside delivery, including room-of-choice delivery, is a value-added shipping experience that will delight your customers

No one wants to see their expensive new purchase left out in the cold. Premium furniture, sensitive electronics, exercise equipment—if your customers are ordering bulky, unassembled or high-value items like these, it's imperative that your shipping and delivery partners move beyond curbside delivery to provide hands-on care and attention.

That's why so many businesses around the world trust AIT for white glove home delivery, with options for special services like inside delivery, room of choice delivery, product installation, assembly, debris removal and more.

Best of all, it's all packaged right alongside our end-to-end freight forwarding services, for a seamless, all-in-one solution.

When you choose AIT's white glove home delivery solution, you can rest assured your shipments will be secure from pick up until delivery inside your customers' homes. You'll also have access to the following enhanced services:
  • Assembly
  • Installation and de-installation
  • Room-of-choice delivery
  • Debris removal
  • Return management
  • Dedicated, 24/7 customer service with live chat option
  • Online delivery scheduling, tracking
  • Email, SMS alerts
  • Shipment tracking
Some of the most common product types for inside delivery and room-of-choice delivery and professional assembly or installation services include major appliances, furniture, home décor (such as draperies), consumer electronics, mattresses, health and fitness equipment, and sporting goods.
Yes. In fact, AIT's consumer communication process and 24/7, in-house customer service team cuts down on your organization's workload by managing all shipment-related customer contacts.

You can count on our team to promptly respond to any customer inquiries while providing proactive shipment updates throughout the entire delivery process, including:
  • Online delivery scheduling
  • Email alerts
  • Shipment tracking
  • IntelleCall
  • Live chat
  • Postcard notifications
  • SMS/text notifications
Absolutely. Whether you need business-to-business shipping services for a store location, a medical center, distribution center or any another location along your supply chain, AIT's experienced professionals can provide a wide range of services. From room-of-choice delivery to medical equipment setup, furniture, equipment and fixture assembly, point of purchase installations, and much more, AIT is here to make your B2B delivery experiences exceptional.

Delight your customers with white glove home delivery

Create a full-service delivery experience that doesn't break the bank. AIT's logistics experts are standing by to craft the perfect white glove home delivery solution that satisfies your unique needs, from inside delivery to room-of-choice delivery to professional assembly and installation, and beyond. 

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