AIT eliminates U.S. duty fees, enhances e-Commerce shipment security for major Australian retail brand

Published on: Sep 17, 2020

AIT eliminates U.S. duty fees, enhances shipment security


AIT’s secure and reliable export and delivery solution helped a multi-million-dollar Australian retail brand make its successful U.S.-market debut in September 2020—without a hefty duty added to the price tag.

CHALLENGE: Shifting costs, limited resources

In Q2 2020, a private equity firm began to plan the U.S.-market debut of a top Australian apparel and accessories brand. While they had a group of established products that thrived in Australia and a manufacturing base in Asia, they also had limited internal staff and no U.S. distribution infrastructure. For a successful launch, they needed a protected, cost-effective export process, as well as dependable delivery services to U.S. consumers.

SOLUTION: Full-service, door-to-door logistics

In a matter of days, AIT’s e-Commerce logistics experts developed a tailored, start-to-finish, turnkey offering for the client, including:
  • Ocean transport from Australia and China to Los Angeles
  • Bonded trucking to an ultra-secure Tijuana, Mexico, distribution center (DC)
  • Product inspection, storage and pick and pack services
  • Access to consumer-packaging expertise and immediate local supplier base
  • Item-level inventory and tracking detail
  • Special access to temporary, duty-free import via Mexico IMMEX authorization
  • Trucking from DC to San Diego warehouse
  • Tender to any U.S. parcel carriers for final delivery nationwide

The AIT Difference Makers

  • Section 321 customs clearance management and IMMEX bond expertise
  • In-country professionals and a global network of high-quality, vetted facilities
  • Non-asset-based forwarder flexibility means AIT isn’t bound by limitations to a single air or ground fleet

RESULT: Secure, duty-free U.S. import

AIT’s solution not only removed duty costs from the client’s bottom line, but also:
  • Introduced additional layers of security to the client’s supply chain at the DC with product inspection, 24-hour guard service and a closed-circuit camera network
  • Ensured the client’s inventory is ready just over the border, prepped to fill online consumer orders in United States, duty free


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