Book Onboard Couriers to Hand Carry Your Most Critical Shipments

Don’t let tight connections or documentation issues stand in the way of on-time delivery for your most crucial cargo.

When even next flight out services aren’t hands-on enough, consider hand delivery service via an onboard courier (called “hand carry,” for short).

Read on to learn more about hand delivery service and find out if hand carry via an onboard courier is the right fit for your needs.

What is the hand carry process?

After AIT schedules a pickup of your package, an AIT logistics professional travels with your shipment in-hand, ensuring speedy and safe transportation to the airport.

Rather than the 24- to 72-hour wait time of normal cargo, airports process hand delivery shipments in the same manner as passenger luggage. Without delay, the onboard courier is able to walk through the airport and board and deplane the aircraft with hands on your shipment the entire time.

After your onboard courier arrives at the destination airport, a delivery vehicle immediate picks up your shipment and delivers it to its final destination.

What are the benefits of an onboard courier?

When booked as “cargo,” your shipments move through air freight facilities and spend their flight under the plane’s main deck as aircraft belly cargo. But with hand carry shipments, speed reigns—and avoiding wait time is essential.

With hand delivery services via an onboard courier, your shipment will clear customs soon after arriving at the destination airport. By cutting out the more time-consuming steps of larger shipments, hand carry services expedite delivery of critical and time-sensitive products.

Using an onboard courier to transport products also helps maintain a constant, in-transit chain of custody throughout the lifecycle of a shipment, while adding a personal touch. In line-down situations and other high-stakes, urgent shipments, hand delivery service provides a dependable way to ensure your products arrive on time.

What types of shipments commonly travel by hand delivery service?

Urgent and high-value shipments from all types of industries benefit from the quick transport of hand carry service, from life sciences commodities to circuit boards, sensitive electronics and telecommunications devices, automotive parts, product samples and more.

Consider air, sea charter

AIT offers many transportation logistics services that deliver products quickly and safely to their final destinations all over the world. Depending on the specific needs of your critical shipments, air or sea charter might be a good fit for you, as well.

Our exclusive air and sea charters enable secure transport wherever your freight is headed. And AIT’s expert logistics team will craft a shipping plan tailored to your specifications and budget.

Air Charters

  • Full and part charter
  • Extensive core carrier relations
  • Sensitive cargo, including government, aerospace, hazardous and high-value material

Sea Charters

  • Service to all ports, including deep water and restricted areas
  • Complete project management
  • Full-service options for any vessel and storage type

Trust AIT’s hand delivery service for your most vital shipments

For your most critical packages, you need a hand delivery service partner you can count on. When you partner with AIT, you’ll enjoy hand carry service that comes with the personal, expert touch of a reliable, experienced logistics provider.

To get started today, or learn more, contact an AIT representative.

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