Exclusive Charters

AIT Worldwide Logistics takes care of your important transportation and logistics needs, providing exclusive sea and air charters for shipments of any size and weight. Regardless of your freight’s destination, we’ll make sure it gets there quickly and securely, with shipping plans tailored to your specifications and budget.

Air Charters

AIT provides air charter services to meet your shipping demands, no matter what that requires. With an experienced staff of subject matter experts and the flexibility to accommodate any shipment size, we make air charter simple.

Our adaptable air charter services include:

  • Full and Part Charter
  • Extensive Core Carrier Relations
  • Sensitive Cargo – Government, Aerospace, Hazardous Material and High-value
  • On-board Courier Option

Sea Charters

AIT has ocean charter options to fulfill all of your ocean shipping needs, with the flexibility and expertise to support any size shipment. Our sea freight charter service encompasses:

  • Service to all Ports – Deep Water and Restricted
  • Complete Project Management
  • Full Service Options for any Vessel and Storage Type
    • Below or Above Deck
    • Ro/Ro
    • Lo/Lo
    • Break Bulk

Charter Control Tower

AIT’s charter control tower operations provide a personal touch for all charter and AOG client business activities. We oversee every aspect of shipping, providing guidance across the network and ensuring your cargo is delivered safely. Our control tower services include:

  • Experienced Staff and Charter Subject Matter Experts
  • 24/7/365 Operations
  • Dedicated Global Team
  • Local Expertise for Day-to-Day Operations

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AIT Worldwide Logistics has a robust global logistics network, with more than 85 offices worldwide.

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