Cold Chain Logistics

AIT offers robust, innovative cold chain shipping solutions for your temperature-sensitive products, from fresh, frozen and refrigerated foods to life science commodities like pharmaceuticals. With more than two decades of experience providing world-class cold chain transportation, we take care of your shipments and maintain their quality every step of the way. We work to provide packing, warehousing and shipping conditions that preserve your products’ integrity and eliminate product loss.

    • Food Logistics
    • Food Logistics
    • AIT’s Food Logistics Division is a trusted provider of smart, efficient perishable shipping solutions. Using innovative technology and well-tested procedures, we ensure your food products are delivered to their destination quickly, while maintaining the highest quality possible. This division leverages food logistics expertise to provide worry-free transit for nearly every type of food product.

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    • Life Sciences Logistics
    • Life Science Logistics
    • AIT brings industry-specific expertise to life science logistics and transportation, overseeing shipments of products like pharmaceuticals, medical devices and more. Clients trust us to deliver products quickly and safely, leveraging our dedicated life sciences team and streamlined shipping procedures. We create customized, efficient plans tailored to each client, with a strong commitment to low OS&D numbers.

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    • Cold Chain Warehousing
    • Cold Chain Warehousing
    • Backed by decades of cold chain experience, refined processes and state-of-the-art storage facilities, AIT delivers flexible, customized warehousing solutions to cold chain clients. We accommodate robust product lists, including proteins, produce and confections. We keep all perishable shipments at their required temperatures to ensure they reach their destinations with no spoilage or quality issues.

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AIT Worldwide Logistics has a robust global logistics network, with more than 100 offices worldwide.

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