Cold Chain Warehousing

Temperature-sensitive products require extra attention during transport. AIT Worldwide Logistics delivers best-in-class cold-chain warehousing solutions. Our team of experts manage transportation from pickup to final delivery, ensuring product integrity and quality is never compromised. 

Cold-Chain Warehousing Capabilities 

Companies across various sectors including commerce, food service distribution, restaurant operations and more turn to AIT for cold-chain warehousing needs. Our experts take the complexities out of cold storage management and transportation:

  • Pharma Logistics – AIT handles transportation of cold-chain pharmaceuticals in a time-sensitive, delicate manner. Our comprehensive approach covers everything from packing procedures and information exchange, ensuring no step is overlooked. 

    Well-versed in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other government compliance standards, our transportation teams adhere to all regulatory requirements.  
  • Cargo Screening Facilities – Cargo security is always a priority. A member of the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA), AIT is certified with onsite TSA cargo screening facilities in port cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit. 

    When added security measures are required, our security agents can complete physical searches and explosives detection, and use TSA-appointed canines. 
  • Temperature-Controlled Warehouse for Perishables – AIT knows that temperature-controlled warehouses are critical to seamless transportation when dealing with chilled and perishable items. Our dedicated perishable division ships chilled, frozen and shelf-stable products around the world. AIT’s temperature-controlled warehouse is equipped with:
    • Freezers maintained at -10ï‚°F/-23ï‚°C
    • Coolers equipped with packing systems maintained at 34ï‚°F/1ï‚°C
    • Abundant racking space
    • Dry ice and refrigerants to maintain product quality
    • Refrigerated trucks
    • Loading dock equipped with roller system.

Headquartered out of Chicago, AIT’s perishable team ensures that goods are safely picked up, packed, stored and delivered to cold storage partner facilities around the globe. 

Cold Chain Warehousing Made Simple


Temperature-controlled warehouses are a must for businesses shipping cold-chain products. For over 35 years, AIT has been the go-to provider of cold-chain logistics for several global brands. We have the tools and capabilities to provide real-time tracking, web-based export documentation and more. 

Need cold-chain warehousing solutions? AIT has you covered. To get started, contact us today. 

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