Cold Chain Warehousing

As an industry leader in cold chain logistics, AIT has shipped fresh, frozen and refrigerated products to customers around the world for decades. In addition to our state-of-the-art cold chain storage facilities, we have developed airtight systems for packing, storing and transporting products while adhering to strict regulatory requirements and critical food safety processes.

We avoid temperature variances and product loss with solutions tailored to client needs. In addition to our U.S.-based cold chain facilities, our global partners ensure your goods are taken care of, no matter where shipments are headed or arriving from.

Cold Chain Storage Expertise

Your products are in secure hands with AIT’s extensive packing and storage services. Whether it’s one product type or several requiring different cold storage solutions, we’ll work with you to maintain the integrity of your shipments as they pass through our secure warehouses and to their final destination. Our range of services include:

  • Global cold chain storage
  • Global temperature-controlled pickup and delivery
  • Temperature-controlled packing using insulated shipping containers
  • Customized active and passive packaging options
  • Repacking and labeling procedures developed for your products

Temperature-Controlled Warehousing

AIT’s facilities are well-suited for large-scale cold storage and shipment processing. Our cold chain warehouses are designed to preserve product integrity and eliminate spoilage in transit.

Our temperature-controlled facilities feature:

  • Food-grade freezers maintained at minus 10 Fahrenheit (minus 23 Celsius)
  • Ice cream freezers maintained at minus 20 Fahrenheit (minus 29 Celsius)
  • Food-grade coolers maintained at 34 Fahrenheit (1 Celsius)
  • Racking and floor space able to accommodate pallets and fulfillment operations
  • Dock equipped with roller and racking system, allowing for food items to remain in a temperature-controlled environment during packing and labelling
  • Dry ice and refrigerants on site
  • Refrigerated trucks and trailers

AIT Worldwide Logistics delivers best-in-class cold chain warehousing solutions for several global brands. Our team of experts manages transportation from pickup to final delivery, ensuring product integrity and food safety is never compromised. We have the tools and capabilities to provide real-time tracking, web-based documentation and shipment monitoring.

AIT Worldwide Logistics has a robust global logistics network, with more than 85 offices worldwide.

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