Cold Chain Packing

Effective cold chain transportation starts with packing goods in a smart, efficient manner. AIT combines extensive knowledge of cold chain logistics with processes and technology that maintain product integrity while moving shipments to their destination. We work with clients to find optimal packaging solutions, navigating shipment type and food-specific temperature requirements.

Cold Chain Packing Expertise

Proper packaging is crucial to ensuring food products arrive at their destination with minimal spoilage and loss of quality. Regardless of the shipment type, our package engineers find ideal solutions for maintaining adequate temperatures and eliminating product loss. With more than two decades of established life sciences and food logistics expertise, we handle:

  • Fresh, Frozen and Refrigerated Products
  • Pharmaceuticals, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Blood and Blood Products
  • Active and Passive Packing Procedures
  • Package Engineering
  • Unit Load Device (ULD) Builds

Packing and Temperature Control

AIT uses several packing techniques to keep cold chain commodities fresh and in good condition. We adjust packaging strategies depending on client needs, products and shipments. Our packing procedures and technology includes:

Active Packing Systems: Active thermal systems maintain strict temperature ranges without incorporating phase change materials (PCM) like water or dry ice. Powered by an energy source, this technology uses mechanical or electrical systems to regulate shipping temperatures.

Passive Packing Systems: Passive thermal systems use PCM such as water, gel packs or dry ice as a basic, cost-effective way to preserve food products while in transit.

Temperature-Monitoring Devices: We use temperature-monitoring technology to ensure proper conditions for cold chain shipments. This technology can also provide GPS locations and in-transit temperature information throughout the shipping process.

Reusable Containers

Designed as a more cost effective and convenient alternative to traditional packing methods, reusable phase change containers simplify cold chain shipping. The reusable containers offer many benefits, including:

  • Superior performance over dry ice or gel packs
  • Maintaining strict temperature ranges for up to 168 hours
  • Competitive pricing over current inferior disposable cold chain shippers

Rely on our experts to design the perfect cold chain packing solution for your commodity. AIT’s food logistics and life science divisions will handle the rest, providing full service door-to-door transportation for your cold chain products.

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